It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

My most recently finished sewing project is a secret, but I do have some holiday decor to share!

I’ve been trying to keep a smaller craft project at my parents’ house, for when I need to kill some time between my garden center job and my flute teaching. They’re generously letting me continue to do the majority of my teaching out of their house, since I live just over the next county line now. That, and our dogs are insane when they can’t get to where the people are, and I can’t teach with them around until we move to a different house where I can shut them in a room where they won’t destroy everything in it. Maybe. Anyway. Mom is also letting me use the spare sewing machine in her sewing room as needed (yes, she has two set up all the time!), and a pattern that she had, so I made some Christmas stockings!

StockingHey, look, I’m pattern mixing! I wanted something cheery and fun, since December around here is often dark and blah weather-wise, and this funky black ornament fabric really stood out to me. The green stripey stuff is more for my husband, since green is his favorite color and he’s not afraid of the brighter shades of it.  I normally don’t go for rick-rack, but it needed something between the heel/toe and the main fabric, and decorative stitching was just eating the fabric like crazy. So this was a cute solution. And I’m ok with it making these stockings look more “homemade”. (I still refuse to say that other phrase with my name in it. So there.)

Stocking closeupI had originally planned to make the lettering red, but I couldn’t find red embroidery floss in my pile of things. I did, however, find black pearl cotton. So, in the spirit of stashbusting, that’s what I used to embroider the names. It only took a couple of hours one night while watching tv, and some disappearing marker. I’m pretty proud of how legible it turned out, actually!

I’d also originally planned to make a couple of smaller stockings for the dogs, but time is running short. So that can wait. It’s not like we can leave treats or toys lying out like that, anyway. Knowing them, they’d eat the stocking!

WreathI also made this wreath last year, but never blogged it. It’s pretty simple, just ornaments wired to an artificial wreath that I bought at work on clearance. The ornaments have a bit of a story, actually–a couple that I’m friends with has an (almost) annual party around this time of year with an ornament exchange. Last year, when all of the dust from the white elephant-style stealing had settled, I was left with two boxes of cheap baubles in lime and hot pink–another friend had them leftover from decorating his boss’s office as a joke. I didn’t end up keeping the pink one, but I was able to use up most of the green ones on this wreath. So, all in all, a pretty decent holiday decoration for about $2– not bad! Hopefully next year, we can find somewhere better to hang it than from the wall lamp…

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