Top 5’s of 2013, part 2: Goals

Since I didn’t actually use this format last year, I’m going to pick the more sewing-relevant goals from last year’s list, and deal with the rest later. 
Top 5 of 2013 - An Annual Blog Series
In 2013, I wanted to….

  1. …finish my wedding dress, obviously. Definitely a check! 
  2. ..find a way to work craftiness in on a more daily basis. I had mixed success on this one. Having my own permanent creative space in the new place definitely helped! And I’ve found that knitting and even scrapbooking, to some extent, make pretty good projects for when I’m hanging out with Doug and watching tv. Sewing has been a little harder to work in than I’d hoped, since I’m still trying to get control of my work schedule and longer commutes. So I think this one will be an ongoing goal as I try to keep working on a better work/social time/housework/personal time balance.
  3. a few basics–or cake, if you will–that will help tie various parts of my wardrobe together. Somewhat successful. I did make pants, which is big. And a few other more basic pieces that ended up being pretty good wardrobe additions. But this one is ongoing as well, I think.
  4. …IF time permits, try another mini-wardrobe. I did manage to put together a pretty decent wardrobe for my honeymoon, though I only sewed two new things for it. Not quite what I meant, but oh well.
  5. On the blogging front, I really would like to make some changes around here–a new blog design, if I can figure out how, and most definitely improving my photographs. I did make a new blog header, which I think is pretty nice! The photography….well, that still needs work. Part of the issue is that my new house doesn’t really have a good outdoor spot for photos–I’m in a middle townhouse, our front yard faces all the other houses, and our backyard overlooks one of the busiest highways in the state! Especially in the summer, as it’s the main route to the beaches. (The yard is basically a big doggy toilet, anyway.) Part of the issue is that by the time I get home from work, the natural light is often gone. And, though he puts in a valiant effort, Doug doesn’t really like using my SLR camera. I think that I’m going to have to invest in a remote one of these days. 

Top 5 2014 Sewing Goals:

I’m mostly trying to avoid calling out specific projects this time, due to my complaints in the last post about time management issues. I don’t want to plan a whole bunch of things and then not get to them, like I did this year. And I also want to allow myself some flexibility to participate in sewalongs as they come up, or try out new patterns that excite me! So here goes…

  1. Create more cohesion in my wardrobe. This goes back to sewing those basics. For instance, I still plan on making those other Thurlows I didn’t get to this year! But this also encompasses being more mindful in my fabric choices, and trying to choose things that can go with things I already have. Especially when it comes to prints, because you know I’ll never give them up. They’re just so much more fun to shop for! I also seem to have an ongoing idea that I need to develop my “style”, so this ties into that, too.
  2. Beef up my cold-weather wardrobe. This carries over to knitting as well, tbh. But this is a huge one, because once again, I found myself bored with all of my clothing choices by November! This isn’t to say that I won’t sew anything for the warmer months, especially the things I already have fabric and patterns for, but the fall and winter months are honestly the bigger need. (And the bigger challenge, given my extreme wool issues.) This also includes a needed new winter coat, since my current one is getting shabbier by the week. I’m pleased to say that I did purchase some non-wool fabric (even though it was another scenario of them running out of fabric and me having to substitute and pay more money, grr!), so now I just need to get some Thinsulate and I’m good to go.
  3. Branch out. I’m reluctant to set a specific goal here, since who knows what fraction of what bounces around in my head will actually make it to the machine. But, as stated in the last top 5 post, I have several new-to-me pattern companies to try out that I already have patterns from. I have a couple of patterns in styles different from what I usually wear, like the Archer–way looser than I usually wear–and Espresso leggings–aside from under my jeans when I’m stuck on outside register, I haven’t worn leggings pretty much ever.  I’ve had the thought of trying to sew some underwear, since I always have knit scraps that aren’t big enough for much else, and I hate throwing away potentially useful fabric. Or maybe trying new colors–who knows where this will take me?
  4. Start refashioning again. I didn’t consciously choose to stop doing it. But I barely did any in 2012, and unless you count my dyeing experiments from about a month ago, and a bag I remade for a friend and didn’t blog, or the sweater I’m currently knitting from another sweater I’d unraveled, I did absolutely none this year. I have a giant bin full of clothes to chop up and use for projects, and I need to start dealing with that. And I think it’s good for me to have that creative challenge every so often, of working within those constraints. Some of my most interesting projects have come from those! 
  5. Use up some of my more challenging stashed fabrics. After all, there has to be some way I can incorporate organza or brocade into my everyday life, right? And the more on-hand things I use up, the easier it will be for me to justify buying more fabrics to help me with #1 and #2 in particular.

 There’s other things I can think of, like working on my fitting and pattern alteration skills. But these are things that I can and should incorporate into nearly every project anyway, right? What goals or plans do you have in mind for the upcoming year?


    7 thoughts on “Top 5’s of 2013, part 2: Goals

    1. Cool goals! I am still impressed you made those pants, something I have yet to do. I have tried to branch out some this year with success so I say give it a go! Find a #sewbossy partner and then you don;t have a choice 🙂


    2. Those are great goals I seriously could set every one of them for myself! 😉 I've been trying to do more refashioning of my least-favourite makes recently, so bring them p to date with what I want to wear these days and to stop them haunting my from the closet! 😉


    3. My refashioning bin is in a seriously sad state of neglect– would you believe I actually have a dress in there that I made back in high school? But the rayon challis is so pretty that I can't bear to give up the fabric, so I think I should try to make a blouse or something out of it this year.


    4. One can only hope! I really do think I'm going to try the assembly line thing, if I can just figure out which color serger thread I can get away with for edge-finishing on the remaining fabrics. I think I can at least get it down to 2 and 2….

      And we'll see how I do with the cohesion thing. My other problem is wanting to use fabrics that I already have as much as I can, so I can justify buying moar fabrics.


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