Stash confessional: Cyber Monday edition

Actually, I think I showed very good restraint! I’m trying to be sensible as I’m considering purchases for next year’s projects (since there’s absolutely no way I’ll get to any of these things this year!), and do a little wardrobe planning. I’ve been eyeing a few things on in particular, and have been checking quite often over this past weekend in hopes that some of these things would go on sale. I didn’t have any luck on Black Friday, but I did have a couple things on my list go on sale for today. For the others, I’m still in the waiting game of holding out for sales vs. jumping on it when quantities get dangerously low.

So here’s the latest acquisitions:

Organic Cotton Interlock Knit Black

Black organic cotton knit. I bought 2 yards to make the long, non-pieced version of McCall’s 6559. I’d figured a black maxi-dress would be a good basic for my wardrobe, since I can even wear that for summer performances. And I’m also planning ahead for a travel wardrobe for a trip that my husband and I are hoping to take next year, and this would also fit nicely into that! (I know it looks a lot like the Mission Maxi, and I’m usually quite happy to support the independent designers, but this pattern was on sale for something like $.70 when Joann’s was celebrating it’s 70th anniversary.)

Ambiance Bemberg Lining Black

2 yards of black Bemberg lining. Because when Bemberg is on sale, you jump on it. I strongly debated between 2 and 3 yards, but since I don’t have a specific plan for this yet, I decided to be conservative.

Grand Hotel Rooftop Garden Teal

1 1/2 yards of this cute floral cotton print. It was on clearance, and I bought this to make bias tape for the Sewaholic Robson coat. My lightweight long denim jacket is starting to look quite battered, which is no surprise since I think it predates this blog. So this one is definitely on the radar for next year’s sewing. I have my main fabric picked out, but that one wasn’t on sale, so I’ll say more about that in a minute.

Stretch Pacific Denim Sky Blue
My splurge item was this stretch teal denim, which I’m planning on making into jeans. I know I’ve said before that I thought I preferred non-stretch denim for making jeans, since it will hold its shape better. But I think I’d like to try a pair of two in stretch denim for ease of wearing, now that I have my pattern more or less figured out. I haven’t done colored jeans since I was in high school and the dress code said that any color but regular blue denim was ok. But teal is a color I wear a lot. And Heather totally enabled me to go for it on Twitter, so that makes it ok, right? I got 2 1/2 yards, and it’s wide enough that I think it will be plenty.

Still on my watch list:

Dakota Stretch Rayon Jersey Knit Black

More black jersey! This one is a rayon/spandex blend, and I’m eyeing it for two of the more recent Cake patterns. Specifically half of a Red Velvet (to pair with something already in my stash), and the Espresso leggings, assuming I can get that pattern to work for me. (I do have a stash fabric to test it with, but black is always useful. Also, the black leggings I desperately bought at Kohl’s to wear under my work jeans when I was on outside register don’t like to stay over some of my curvier bits. Ahem.)

Montauk Twill Deep Sea

The aforementioned main fabric for that Robson coat. This one is a non-stretch cotton twill. Have I mentioned my love for teal lately? Plus this one also fits into my potential travel wardrobe quite nicely.

Valletta Tweed Black

This is the one I’m most looking for a price drop on, because it’s coat fabric that has absolutely no wool in it! It’s listed as a “very heavyweight” 100% polyester. I’ll still need to underline it with something for warmth, I think, but I like the look of it. Especially since it’s plaid-like, but not so much that I have to go through all the hassle of actually matching things. It’s also nearly $17 a yard, which puts it right up there with the most expensive of my wedding dress fabrics! I only need 3 yards, since I’m just going to use the same peacoat pattern that I used for my current winter coat, but I still wouldn’t mind a lower price, since I’m still going to have to buy underlining and lining. (I’m looking at Thinsulate, and that seems to average about $7/yard.)

Annoyingly, I could get that fabric on sale now, if I wanted royal blue or red. But I’d prefer to stick with the black, since that will go with all of my scarves already! After all, I’m even slower at knitting than I am at sewing!

Charmeuse Satin Zebra Turquoise/BlackSpeaking of lining, I’m tentatively eyeing this. But I’m not 100% sold on it. I just want some color inside. But if it doesn’t go on sale, I can always get some poly charmeuse with a coupon at Joann’s or something.

Look at me, being all coordinated! You’d think I’d been reading Gillian’s blog or something.


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