Red Velvet, Green Velvet

I’m still plugging away at my first project for the Doctor Who Sewalong, and am hoping to have it finished and ready to show by this weekend. But I took a break on Tuesday to whip this little bag up.


It only seems to want to go sideways. Probably what I get for doing a phone photo. But this is the Red Velvet mini-clutch by Cake Patterns, in green velvet! Which kind of makes me laugh.

UntitledThis one’s sitting a little better, at least. It’s hard to see in there, but the inside is a white brocade. I was able to make this entirely from scraps that I had on hand, aside from needing to purchase a zipper. And aside from the hour or so it took me to figure out how on earth those scissor pleats were supposed to work (I could only mark the dots with thread, because I didn’t want to mess up the velvet), it came together very quickly– I had this cut out and stitched up in one evening.

I’m not keeping this bag. A friend from church is fundraising to adopt a little girl from China with a heart condition, and she put a shoutout on her Instagram recently to ask for donations, so I told her I’d make a little something for her. So this is part of the Christmas-themed bundle she’s doing, out of three bundles total. Hopefully the winner will like it! Thanks in particular to Steph, who graciously granted permission for me to make this bag for the giveaway when I asked her about it on Twitter. Now that I know how it works, this won’t be the last one I make. I’m already plotting at least one for a Christmas gift!

Speaking of giveaways, there’s still plenty of time to enter to win a recent issue of KnitScene. There’s already been several entries, so thanks to everyone who’s commented so far! It’s been fun to see what’s caught your eye.


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