A Stash Confessional, part 2

Or, in which I try to figure out some options for some of the more difficult fabrics that I’ve had laying around for awhile! And update on another.

Some time ago, I posted a picture of this silky print that I’ve had for ages, in hopes that some other sewists could offer some good ideas for what to do with it. And I did get some great ideas–several people mentioned sheath or maxi dresses, one person mentioned a kimono wrap top, and someone else mentioned a flowing cardigan or vest. I personally love the maxi dress idea, but I don’t think 2 yards of fabric is quite enough! And since I bought this ages ago, I obviously can’t get more. Of course, one project got in the way of another and I never got to it, but the good thing is that letting it sit longer means that I actually now have two options of what to do with it! I’m thinking either McCall’s 6510, since it wouldn’t break up the print much at all, or using it as a jacket lining for one of the pieces in the last stash confessional post.
View image on Twitter I’m looking at this blue-striped brown on the right, because the brown is darker than what this picture shows, and with the touch of blue, it might be a perfect match! Then it’s just a case of deciding which jacket–one from a Burda magazine, maybe? Or perhaps I should be the last sewcialist to jump on the Victoria Blazer bandwagon? I mean, I’m so late that the train has probably left the station and is halfway to Dublin by now, but still. I’m usually not into the slouchy boxy jackets, but that looks like it could be a great casual layering piece for t-shirts. And I do love my geeky t-shirts.

Yeah, this might take a little more thought. Good thing I have such a long list of things to sew already, right?

Anyway, here’s a few other things I’ve had hiding in the stash for awhile that haven’t told me what they want to be yet. And I’m not mentally ready to just dump them on Freecycle, so I figure I’ll give them a little more time in the stash. After all, several of the things I picked for FESA, and the brown fabric for my Thurlows, have been sitting around for awhile, too. I’ve learned that sometimes it just needs a little time (and sewalong inspiration!)

IMG_04691. A crinkle poly paisley something or other, probably from late college. I bought it because I like paisley and swirly things, and I was thinking I should try to branch out from my usual tendency to wear all the blues and greens. Color-wise, this actually isn’t too far out of the box for me after all, especially since this time of year I want to wear more browns and earthtones. (And yes, still green. Olive is totally a fall neutral.) So even though this was a potential swap-ee, I think I’d still wear this one. I’m thinking it might make a good Sewaholic Alma. Perhaps of the notched-neckline and definitely of the long-sleeved variety. (Yes, this is one of the pieces from the Swap My Stash earlier this year, but there weren’t any takers. But I’m willing to keep it around a bit longer.)

2. A red organic cotton twill that I bought somewhere in the 2007-2008 vicinity, from Mood. For some reason, when I bought it, I was thinking I needed a red skirt in my life. I don’t know why, because I hardly ever wear red, or even prints with red in it, despite the paisley I just posted. But I still had that idea in mind for some time. I even went ahead and bought a bunch of cute sparkly red buttons, thinking to make it into a Beignet

MMM '12, Day 4
And then I found this red strapless dress at a thrift store, which makes a pretty decent skirt when worn as a layering piece (as seen from the last time I did Me-Made-May). And it also makes a pretty decent dress for knocking my husband’s socks off–I brought it on the honeymoon, and he reeeeeeally liked it! So as long as this thing fits, I don’t really need a red skirt in my life after all. But it’s still a really nice quality fabric, and I’d hate to waste it. I’ve been toying with the idea of dyeing it and still making it into the Beignet, but I’m not sure what colors would work well when overdyeing red. Should I take it darker and see if I can get it to a navy/deep purple or black (as if I need another black skirt)? Can I nudge it more towards a coral or a rust, both of which I’d probably be more likely to wear? Would putting dye on this completely ruin it? Should I just make the Beignet in red anyway, since I already have the buttons? What to do?

And I think I’m going to stop there, since I still have a bunch more fabric on my list and this post would be huge! I think this will have to be an ongoing series.

As for actual sewing….it’s getting there. I have basically the waistband, buttonholes, and hem to go, and then I will have my first completed Thurlows! But progress has been slow this week, since I’ve had very little sewing time. I’m sincerely hoping that I will have these pants done by the end of the weekend, but I guess only time will tell. So much sewing I want to do, so little free time…


2 thoughts on “A Stash Confessional, part 2

  1. Thanks! I guess it's just a color I don't feel as comfortable in, particularly next to my face. So I do wonder how practical it would be to incorporate into my wardrobe now, since I don't know what I'd have to go with it (other than black shirts!)


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