A Stash Confessional, part 1

You know, all things considered, I think I’ve been doing a fairly decent job with the stashbusting this year. I mean, sure, I’ve only sewn about 7-8 things this entire year. And I did have to buy fabric for the recent wedding gifts. And that dress. But aside from those two things, pretty much everything I’ve sewed this year was from things that I’d already had in the stash for awhile. I even managed to basically use up some yarn.

Of course, this doesn’t mean I haven’t bought anything recently. But I am trying to be more mindful of my purchases, and really think about how things will fit into my wardrobe. Either that, or they’re for specific non-clothes purposes. I do need to go through sometime and figure out what my more recent totals are, since I’ve used up parts of yardage and acquired more, and I’ll probably do that before the end of the year. But in the meantime, here’s the more recent additions to my stashes, mostly as told through Twitter posts.

//platform.twitter.com/widgets.jsI bought some yarn back in August. There’s this cute little yarn store down at the beach, and I went there with my cousins again this year. The orange yarn was bought specifically to make a scarf for this Craftsy class that I’m verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry slooooooooooooooooowly working my way through. (And turns out to be a different color of the same yarn that I bought last year and haven’t knitted yet, so I hope I like it!) I have ideas for the other two, but no specific patterns yet–I’m thinking the green could make a nice little triangular wrap/scarf thingy, preferably with a leaf-like pattern. And the blue-purple one….I just thought it was cool and unique. Ideally, I’d like to make a cowl with some kind of drop-stitch pattern so I can play with the dual texture of it (it can be used as a bulky or a ruffle yarn), but I haven’t had any luck yet with finding one on Ravelry. I’m a little afraid that I might have to try to come up with a pattern myself, which is more than a bit intimidating when I’m also taking a beginner knit Craftsy class to make sure I taught myself right!

//platform.twitter.com/widgets.jsI also got this over the summer–I’d gone to Joann’s to acquire some supplies for my friend’s bridal shower, and this came home with me. In my defense, it was a lovely-feeling cotton. And 70% off. And it was screaming at me that it wants to be a Pavlova skirt. Which will hopefully happen sometime before the end of next spring.

//platform.twitter.com/widgets.jsAlso from Joann’s, and surprisingly soft and snuggly. Hopefully it won’t lose that too quickly in washing. And I’m not saying exactly what I bought this for yet, but if you know the show, you can probably guess.

//platform.twitter.com/widgets.jsThat’s right, 3 more pieces of pants-like fabric. When I stopped by my parents’ to drop off my flute before the retail job–I’m kinder to my instrument than myself when it comes to dealing with the temperatures there at my outside register–my mom told me that one of her quilter friends that she’d seen yesterday wanted to pass those along to me. She’d bought them for pants that she apparently decided she’d never get to. So this means if I totally screw up my hopefully wearable muslin of the Thurlows, I have another opportunity to make brown pants. And then figure out what to do with the other two pieces.

Aside from those, I’ve bought several pieces of quilting cotton. Aside from the shower gift pieces, which I do have small yardages left of, I got some to make Christmas stockings for us and one gift. But I don’t have any pictures of those, particularly since I only bought the gift ones today and they haven’t come in the mail yet. (And I may have purchased a sweater knit, too. But I needed one more piece to get free shipping from Fabric.com. And it was on sale for less than $10 total,  and the truth is that I’d rather pay for fabric than shipping. Especially when it means I might be able to inject some much-needed color into my winter wardrobe!)

Stay tuned for part 2, in which I try to figure out various possibilities for things that have been sitting in my stash for awhile. Which will probably wait until after Pantsapalooza, but since I have nothing to show for that yet…note to self, next time you host a sew-along, you might want to pick a time when you don’t have multiple weekends solidly booked in a row, k?


One thought on “A Stash Confessional, part 1

  1. I so need to 'stash bust'! I have a ton of fabrics , ofcourse that got put on hold when we got the farm… and now I look at most of it and I think what the heck will I make with that now????
    I need to have a destash sale!
    I don't have much of a yarn stash… but I do need to crochet some of it up since I've been making so much yarn…
    meanwhile since I learned to spin I must have a fiber stash right??? 🙂 working on it… one sheep at a time…

    Looking forward to seeing what you whip up out of these things …
    I love polka dots as linings in jackets and purses.. I have a few dots in my stash now!


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