Pants fitting and finishing tips

I’m compiling as many fitting resources for pants as I can find into this link. I’m no expert on fitting adjustments myself, but hopefully you’ll find these helpful. (I’ll keep updating this post as I find more.)

General fitting:
Pants-fitting basics, via The Coletterie
A link list for several pants-fitting issues, from Sewaholic.
This one is more for jeans, but some of the principles could apply to regular trousers as well. From Threads Magazine.
Baggy seat fix, also from Threads Magazine.
Adding a wedge for if you need more coverage in back, from Sewingplums.
Another trousers sewalong at A Fashionable Stitch.  (Thanks, Joanne and Alessa!)
An in-progress “Fit-n-Sew Along” at Maria Denmark. (Thanks to Maria and Not Sew Simple for keeping me in the loop on the Twitter discussion they were having about this while I was at work!)

Lauren at Lladybird hosted a Thurlow sew-along last year, which I would have been all over if I hadn’t been somewhat distracted by muslining a wedding dress. The posts for that start here. She also has a bunch of helpful links in this post to various other blog posts about fitting!

There’s also a series of posts at The Coletterie for sewing the Clover pants.

I haven’t found anything specific on the Juniper pants yet, but feel free to comment if there’s something I missed!

Stepping it up:
Adding a “French Fly” with a waist stay, from Handmade by Carolyn.
Sewing a blind hem, from The Coletterie.
Also from Twitter- a video series on drafting and sewing trousers, from Joost. (This one is more for men’s trousers, so the fit would obviously be different, but I’m sure that the ladies can learn something from menswear construction, too!)

Do you have any other favorite fitting tips or pattern alterations? Feel free to share in the comments, and I’ll add it to the list.

As for my own progress, I haven’t actually started sewing yet! Between an open-to-close work shift over the weekend, church and music activities on Sunday, and going to Philadelphia to see Muse on Monday night, I’ve barely had time to even sleep, let alone sew. But I did get the pattern traced out, and my (hopefully) wearable muslin mostly cut out yesterday. I still need to do interfacing and lining pieces, so I’m going to try to get that taken care of this afternoon. And maybe even start constructing, if time allows.

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