Finally finished my August Sewcial Bee project…

And just in time for Pantsapalooza!

My finished Reeses' dressSo here it is, my Tiramisu dress and its chocolately color inspiration.

There’s not too much to say about the pattern that hasn’t been said by scores of bloggers. I’m happy with the fit, overall, now that I tweaked the bodice. It’s probably not as deep of a V as it would have been otherwise, but I feel like I can comfortably wear this for teaching and church and such and not feel like people are looking at my chest, so that’s good. And I do think the solid chocolate brown was a good move. I’m also happy to have something I can wear these (barely seen) yellow beaded earrings with, because there’s not much in my closet that goes with them.

Reeses' dress, side view

And here’s a slightly blurry side view, in which my husband was getting creative with posing, and probably a more accurate color assessment. (My weekend is entirely booked, between work and church and music-related things, so I have no idea when I’d be able to get a natural light shot. Thus the indoor pics.)

I also finished trimming and pinning up the third hem of my friend’s wedding dress today, which will be a hand-sewing job, in preparation for busy work during tonight’s episode of Project Runway. 

I also realized that today is 7 years since I wrote my first post on here. Crazy, right? 

14 thoughts on “Finally finished my August Sewcial Bee project…

  1. Love your dress! It's so perfect for your food inspiration! And it's perfect for fall in those colors. =)

    I really like the fit and the height of your neckline – nice job fitting it for yourself!

    Good luck with the sewing for your friend's wedding!

    ~ Brooke


  2. Thanks! It was definitely a trial and error thing, and I'm really glad I basted the bodice to the waistband first.

    The wedding sewing is getting there. I got maybe 1/4 of the final skirt hem done tonight. I'll need to mail it to her once it's done, since she's back in Boston now. She didn't have her wedding shoes with her when she tried it on, so I hope the length will turn out ok!


  3. I haven't heard that saying, but it sounds pretty similar to the icing on the cake. (Yes, I have cake on the brain and it's only the morning, but I'm going to a wedding later today, so I guess it's understandable.)


  4. I'm sure it won't be my last–it's such a comfortable dress to wear! I'll definitely need to do a maxi version at some point, once I have the yardage for such a thing. A longer-sleeved version would be great for the cooler weather, too!


  5. Thanks! I'm absolutely terrible at coming up with creative poses, so it's nice to have the hubby directing me (even if most of them are him trying to make me pose more sexy and me reminding him that my mom reads this blog, lol!)


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