haven’t done this in awhile

One of my post-wedding goals that I had in mind was to try to carve out some more time for crafting. So I spent some time this past week playing around with the 30-minutes-a-day sewing thing. I managed to do so 3 out of 5 weeknights. I couldn’t sew yesterday because I spent this past week teaching the flute/oboe section at a middle school band camp held at my alma mater, and last night was the concert. I also didn’t make it to sewing Wednesday night because my best friend and I went to a performance for a Shakespeare festival that’s held here every summer.

So yes, I’ve been sewing. I’ve also been knitting. But aside from a gauge swatch, what I’m working on in both realms right now are gift projects, which means I can’t show anything yet. Suffice to say, I’m pleased with the progress so far, particularly with the sewing, since I did get a few hours of that in today.

The other craft time I’ve been attempting to work in is for my long-neglected scrapbooking. I’m keeping my target time a little easier on this one, and aiming for just 15 minutes, because it’s better than nothing. But that means I do actually have things to show for that, which I haven’t in a long time.


First of all, I finished this layout, which is from a backpacking trip that I took back in 2008. (Told you I’m behind.) This one was actually really easy to finish, because the only thing I had to add to it was the writing strips up in the left-hand corner. The rest of it had been done for some time.

(I’m pretty proud of that tag–it was recycled from some jeans I bought a few years ago, with just a little lettering added.)

IMG_0694I’m also playing around with a new-to-me scrapbooking idea. It seems these pocket-type pages are really popular right now, and I wanted a way where I could quickly throw things together to scrapbook newlywed life. Not to say that I won’t do regular layout pages again, I am definitely planning on doing some for the honeymoon pics, and possibly some of the non-professional wedding pics that our friends and family took and put on Facebook. But I think this system just might work really well for me for events that aren’t quite so picture-heavy! The cards are a great size for Instagram photos, and I like that I can decorate the cards a bit if I want to make them a little more interesting, like the card with the flower, or just slap a couple of photos and some writing on them and say I’m done. Plus, even though I did get an actual kit, I can (and am) mix in homemade cards cut from my own hoard of paper–that’s where two of the cards here came from. This page isn’t 100% done yet, I have to do some playing around with it to fit in some larger photos and see what I can do with those pockets. But it’s coming along well, I think. I mostly see these albums done online where each layout is just one week, but I don’t want to force myself into that box. So I’m just going to write down and throw in pics of whatever everyday stuff I want, and see how I do with keeping up with this thing. (And hopefully still catch up on some older layouts, too!)

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