so much to sew, so little time

First off, I want to thank everyone who voted/retweeted about the Craftsy wedding craft contest! I don’t know the results yet, tbh–I’ve been stalking their blog and Twitter at every opportunity and haven’t seen anything about it. Last I checked yesterday, I was tied with a cake, but definitely one of the higher-hearted projects. I’m not sure what that means, but I’ll keep you posted.

It’s been quiet here, and that’s because I’ve been sewing curtains. Very basic, tab-topped rectangles. And they’re taking forever. I did get a nice chunk of sewing time in last Friday, enough to finish the outside of the curtains, but haven’t been able to touch the machine since. I’m complicating things for myself, as usual, by making the curtains with a detachable lining. Blackout curtains are a necessity for me to be able to sleep (I haven’t been able to sleep past 5:30 or so since I got back from the honeymoon, which is tragic when you’re not a morning person!), and with two golden retrievers in the house, washing curtains is probably also a necessity! So I’m making the lining attach to the top with velcro. Which basically means I’m sewing 8 curtains. I do have other curtains to make for a few other rooms in the house, but since they’re not absolutely crucial to my mental state, I’ve decided those will wait until the winter, when I’m not at my one part-time job and therefore have more sewing time. (Confession: I’m writing this from said part-time job, because I literally have nothing else to do right now.)

Despite that, I have a rather extensive list of things that I need/want to sew during the remainder of the summer and into the early fall, once my curtains are done! I sat down the other night to make a list with what notions I still need, since I’m now further away from even Joann’s, and last-minute trips to get that one thing I forgot are a little more difficult to coordinate. So here’s what I’ll be having going on:

  • Thurlow shorts! I’m planning on using the leftover yard-ish of denim from my jeans, and basically making them as a wearable muslin. Gotta make sure the hips fit and all. Plus then I can save myself some time by doing regular jeans-style pockets, rather than wrestling with welt pockets in a medium-weight denim.
  • Wedding-related stuff! Not for mine this time, obviously…I agreed to hem a bridesmaid dress for my bestie/former maid of honor for a second wedding that she’s in, and am also going to be doing a few alterations on a second friend’s wedding dress. I’m in this particular wedding myself, so I’m considering it part of my bridesmaidly duties. Aside from that, I’m also making her a little something for a gift, and it looks like I’ll be helping to sew some table runners for the shower, which is at the end of August. We’ll see if said gift ends up being for the shower (ideally, if I finish in time), or the wedding.
  • I’m also really hoping I get that Reglisse dress done in time for said shower, because it would be so cute, but that may be pushing it. Either way, I would like to get it done before it gets too cold.
  • Thurlow trousers! Assuming the shorts work out. I’ll be going assembly-line for these (5 pairs total, I think), because I literally need to replace basically every pair of pants I use for teaching, except for my black ones. They’re all too short and look stupid when I wear my boots, and are also getting rather worn for a few pairs in particular. So this is a necessity. My fall/winter wardrobe needs work, anyway.
  • Darling Ranges dress. In the rayon, not that paisley stuff I originally bought for it. I still need to figure out what to do with that. (Still pondering an autumn Cambie. Which may not happen this year.)
  • I also have fabric pulled for two long-sleeved Renfrew tops, and since I can use black serger thread for them both, I think these will also be assembly-line style. 
All in all, once this is done, I should have 10 pieces out of my stash. Woohoo!
Aside from that, I’m plotting for the Doctor Who sewalong this fall, and already have the fabric/pattern/design alterations figured out for one of my projects! I have 3 in mind, and fabric for two of them already in my stash. I just need to figure out a pattern for the second, and find the right fabric for the third. 
It’s amazing how much sewing I can get figured out in my head, during all of this mental down time. If only I had time to make that a reality!

4 thoughts on “so much to sew, so little time

  1. Curtains are never ending!! The Repetition of curtains always gets to me after a while. Sounds like you have a lot of great projects floating around in your head.

    I'm currently sewing an apron for my mother-in-law. I still havent had a chance to blog about it. Not enough hours in the day!


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