The post you’ve all been waiting for!

I mean, I’m assuming you do want to see that little dress project that took up nearly a year’s worth of planning and postings on here, right?

So, at last: the One Dress to Rule Them All. And other handmade wedding goodness. (These aren’t the professional pics, so I may come back and edit this post to add some of those later. But these are featuring the shots that I was able to get from my family and friends. I’m also making these larger than usual.)


Full-length dress shot! This is me with my friend/honorary bridesmaid Nicole. I wasn’t able to have her as part of the wedding party, but she did the artwork for my invitations and programs, and also did my hair!

6512_10151653159422980_1480637199_nAnother full-length shot, this time from the first dance. You can see the border sunflowers a little better on this one, I think.


Ceremony shot- not the best expression on my face, but it’s a good closer view of the bodice. And Doug’s tie. And my bouquet!

This was as we were all leaving the church–and a great shot of the back!
1044856_576995665679164_1044450457_nMe and two of my bridesmaids/long-time best friends, Cassie and Julie. The headbands turned out ok after all!
1014281_576995975679133_1477030337_nProof that the TARDIS/R2-D2 shoes made an appearance! We all changed into them after we were done with the outdoor bridal party pictures.
And I’m just including this shot because I think it’s fun, even though I look like I’m posing for one of those old Sure deodorant commercials! The DJ had Doug and I do this game where we each had to sit back to back while holding one of our shoes and one of the other’s shoes, and raise the shoe for the person we were answering for. I’m pretty sure this one was “which person has the crazier friends.” (I love my crazy friends!)

So there you have it–I hope the post was worth the wait!

(In case you’re newer to reading this blog, a few quick project notes: The bodice and waistband are based on Sewaholic’s Cambie dress. I modified it to make the upper back and sleeve caps sheer, and changed the darts to princess seams for fitting reasons. The skirt is from Simplicity 2442, modified to lower the waist. I also used a lengthened version of the Sewing Cake Pavlova skirt for the tulle underlayer. And if you want to see all of the construction posts and notes and multiple muslin attempts, you can click here.) 


23 thoughts on “The post you’ve all been waiting for!

  1. You look beautiful! The dress is absolutely perfect! And your friends and family took some great photos as well! Please let us know when you update the post (or you can just do a new post, we don't mind lots of wedding posts) because I would love to see the whole bridal party lineup. =) Looks like you had a fun wedding!

    ~ Brooke


  2. I love the back of your dress! I'm realising that the back of a wedding dress is very important (as someone wrote somewhere else, and it even might have been here…) and you did a great job on yours! Plus, those lace motifs along the hem – that's such a sweet detail.


  3. Congratulations Becky and Doug!! and all my very best wishes for a wonderfully happy marriage.
    Naturally, your dress is absolutely stunning! I love the back view too, with the row of buttons and the lace. It's really important to have a great back view in a wedding dress, because that's what all the guests are looking at during the ceremony, and you really thought this through beautifully.
    Well done, you clever girl you!


  4. Oh my goodness! Its been so long since I've been on your blog because of all the farm/homestead stuff I've been doing for the last 2 1/2 yrs!
    and look at you! all your sewing skills girl!!!Awesome Beautiful dress!
    Its been so nice to look through your blog again and see all the wonderful things you've sewn and created…
    Hoping now with getting the homestead more straight I will be back to check out what your up too more often 😉
    Many blessing and congrats on your wedding!!! You guys make a nice looking couple 🙂 I enjoyed the pictures you shared of the special day!


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