I’m baaaaack!

First of all, thanks for the lovely well-wishes for the wedding and honeymoon! The wedding day was great, I wasn’t stressed out at all. And we had a very fun, relaxing time on our honeymoon, which we just arrived home from late last night.

Sadly, there can be no finished project post for my Pavlova cardi after all. It was the one casualty of the trip–I didn’t get any pics with it on because it was so warm in Jamaica, even at night, that I never wore it except for both airplane flights. I figured I’d get one at home when it was sunny and I wasn’t in grungy travel clothes. But then I was trying to get caught up on some laundry today, and threw it in the washer. I’m used to front-loaders. The one at my new house is a top-loader. Not only did all of my careful rolled hems get entirely ripped out, the neck facing pulled away entirely, leaving a gaping, ragged hole that renders the entire thing unsalvageable.

I was going to give you a picture of a TARDIS on a beach instead. But my desktop refuses to turn on, and my laptop keeps flipping the picture upside down. Meh.

So, sewing, right? I’d been planning on jumping in on this particular sewalong anyway, since I’ve been out of the social sewing loop for months now. I learned recently that the hummingbird is the national bird of Jamaica, so it’s quite appropriate to do a sewalong for this pattern, too! So here goes…


That’s right, I’m in the pink house. My Hummingbird will not be pink, though….and seeing as how it’s 9 pm here, and I have to go back to work tomorrow, I’d better get started!


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