Something old, something new…

One last wedding-related craft post! It’s probably no secret by now that I’m somewhat of a geek. I definitely lean more towards fantasy than sci-fi, for the most part, and am a little sad that I haven’t found a way to incorporate something Lord of the Rings-ish into my wedding. (Though my fiance did comment when we were picking out wedding bands that the one he picked out looked kind of dwarven to him…he was a much bigger fan of the Hobbit movie than LotR.) However, I do very much enjoy Doctor Who on the sci-fi end of things, and am super-excited that Tempest is hosting a Whovian sew-along for the 50th anniversary later this year! But I’m getting a little bit of a head-start…

Two out of my three bridesmaids, as well as my mom, are also fans. I quite successfully managed to get my fiance interested.  And after this scene from a couple of seasons ago, how could I not include something Who in the wedding?

(Not the best quality vid, but it was the only one I could find that would actually play for me and wasn’t a fan-made music video. Sorry.)

I was originally just planning on having a little fun with my tiny TARDIS and phone camera at the reception, since it seemed appropriate.(My maid of honor and I have been having fun over the last few months with taking Instagram photos of a little plastic TARDIS in random places, so you bet that’s going to be going with me on my upcoming trip!) But when my mom noticed that I’d pinned some painted TARDIS shoes onto my “Crafty Geekery” Pinterest board, she suggested that we get some shoes and paint them for the reception! She originally said for myself, my sis-in-law and her, but I pointed out that my maid of honor would want them, too. So with a little help from Sis and a lot of help from Mom, we ended up painting 4 pairs of these!

(Wow, my carpet looks awful–in my defense, I’ve been busy packing and planning a wedding!)

TARDIS shoesThis is basically the gist of them–SIL’s look a little different because when we told her we were doing this, she really wanted shoes without laces, so she has some slip-on canvas ones. We couldn’t find them in any other sizes (especially not mine), so the other 3 pairs are the standard lace-up Keds. The fun shoelaces were our addition, and my mom, my maid of honor, and I all now have different pairs of laces to go with.

As for my non-Whovian bridesmaid…I didn’t want her to feel left out. Like I said, she doesn’t really watch Doctor Who, but she’s been a huge  Star Wars fan for as long as I’ve known her, which is since we were kids. Her favorite character is Yoda, but I wasn’t really sure how to translate that to shoes (I always sucked the most at faces and figures in art class), and we wanted to do something where I could use the same paint we already bought for the TARDIS shoes.

R2-D2 shoesSo she gets R2-D2! Hmm… I wonder how it would look if I used my seam-ripper to get those Keds tags off of the tongues?


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