Playing along

I think that the thing I missed the most while working on The One Dress was the more social aspect of sewing blogging–namely, the sewalongs and challenges. So now that it’s over, even though things are a bit crazy right now, I’m happy to be able to do what I can to get back into that!

Spring Clean Your Sewing Space

I recently learned about this through Kat and Tempest, and the timing is actually quite perfect for me! I’m not so much “spring cleaning” as packing, organizing, and setting up in the first place, but my fiance and I have made quite a bit of progress on the room lately, including several hours yesterday afternoon spent working on it. (He really deserves much of the credit, since he’s way better at organizing than I am and did quite a bit of the work of folding my fabrics and putting things away for me while I haven’t been there!) Anyway, I’m excited to follow along with this one and get some more ideas–hopefully it will be all set up and ready to go when I come back from the honeymoon.

Secondly, while I’m not doing Me-Made-May ’13 (and have already stated my reasons–I had a few very supportive responses to that, so thank you!), I have found that I’m reaching for my me-mades more often than not anyway. So I guess I’m following along in spirit. With that thought, I did try something new with an old dress today, so I do have one outfit photo to show.

Simplicity 7072I’m not sure if I ever blogged this dress, because it predates the blog. I made this to wear to my college graduation. (Here’s a scary thought–this May marks a decade since I finished my undergrad degree!) And while this dress has held up well over the years, I’m thinking that it’s time to retire this one–the fabric is starting to fade unattractively in places, particularly the line that’s forming over where I hand-stitched the hem, and I do need to downsize my wardrobe where I can. So even though it’s hard to let go of things that I’ve made, I’d like to think that maybe another teenage or college girl will find it in a local thrift shop and it will be the perfect thing to wear to kick off a new stage of life for her. Or just have some fun this summer. For the record, the pattern is Simplicity 7072, and I recall it fitting very well out of the envelope, so I may have to revisit this someday.


Now here’s how I wore it today for church (complete with German Shepherd puppy photobomb!) My original plan was to wear my “Christmas in July” dress with the thrifted green jacket that I replaced the buttons on. (Incidentally, I wore that same jacket yesterday, along with my me-made jeans and a favorite tee. Must make more jeans.) But when I put the dress on this morning, I discovered that the straps have gotten stretched out, and this dress is basically unwearable until I shorten them again. So into the mending pile it goes, and back to the closet I went. It was a bit chilly this morning, so I opted to do the dress-as-skirt look, with this 3/4-sleeved top I got for free from one of my friends who likes to pass her unwanted clothes on to me to do whatever I want with. I think the concept is good, though the outfit would be a little more successful if this dress had a lower neckline. But, as I said, this is pretty much the send-off for this dress anyway. 

That’s pretty much all I have to report for now. I did finish Doug’s tie, though I have yet to take pics of it. And I did make some more progress on a top I’m sewing for the honeymoon wardrobe. and am one decent sewing session away from finishing. Then I need to make the headbands for the bridesmaids. And finish the table numbers. And the reception centerpieces. And packing to move. And all that other stuff. 34 days to go. Ooh boy.


3 thoughts on “Playing along

  1. The big day's almost here! Yay! You seem to have the biggest projects finished well ahead of time, too! =)

    Your old self-made dress is a nice casual style – very cute! You really should use the pattern again. It would be a great thing to pull out when you want to make something simple since you wouldn't need to do lots of fitting.

    ~ Brooke


  2. I am so pleased you are getting involved with the spring Clean Your Sewing Space series 😀 Good luck with your organising! It sounds like you are going to have a crazy few weeks, but very enjoyable 😀 xxx


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