First finished post-dress project!

Yes, that’s right, I actually sewed something that is almost, but not quite, entirely unrelated to the wedding! I say almost, because there’s a pretty good chance that this will end up being part of the honeymoon wardrobe. Given the way this spring has been here in the mid-Atlantic–meaning ridiculously cold and I haven’t even migrated to the 3/4-sleeve portion of my wardrobe yet for the most part–I don’t think I’ll get much use out of it before then, sadly! Though I was able to wear it yesterday, with the help of some layers, before it got all cold again today.

purple tank frontAnyway, after the intensity and huge investment of time that was the wedding dress, I obviously wanted something that would be super-quick and easy to sew. I thought very hard about a Renfrew top, but in the end, I decided to revisit another knit pattern that I’ve been meaning to come back to for some time: the BurdaStyle Sadie top, from back in the glorious days when it wasn’t the magazine site and you could get patterns for free. This also qualifies as the first piece of fabric for the Stashbusting Sewalong! I’m bending the rules a little and choosing pieces as I go. And I know the theme was “vivid colors” this month, and this is probably a little too dark to be vivid, but I had it and it works with the plans I’m making in my head for that honeymoon wardrobe. Anyway, this is a piece of cotton/poly interlock knit that I picked up as a potential trim match for the fabric I used in my “Angels and Angles” top, back when I was intending to make it into another Butterick 5206, before I figured out that the fabric just wouldn’t work for it. (Another pattern I’d love to revisit!)

purple tank backThe top was, as I wished, super-fast. I had cut it out in advance, so I basically got it entirely sewed together in the duration of the latest episode of Doctor Who plus part of a movie that my fiance brought over. (My Cousin Vinnie, if you’re curious.) I didn’t quite get the entire piece of fabric used up, I think I have about half a yard left, so this piece isn’t entirely stashbusted. But it’s well on the way. I guess I should probably do a little bit of tweaking with this pattern, since it looks like I could use a swayback adjustment on here. And that extra gather at the top?
purple tank detailThis was my “make it work” moment. After I’d finished sewing the tank together and tried it on, I discovered that while the neckline was laying very well in the front, undoubtedly partially thanks to a wonderful knit edging tutorial from Steph, the back was quite noticeably gapping away from my neck. Now, I know I don’t always have the best posture, but I think that this was mostly just due to the thickness of the knit–there’s not a lot of give in it, and therefore not a lot of recovery. But since everything else fit fine, rather than undo that neck binding and try to ditch some of the fabric, I turned it into a little pleat detail with some thread loops and a random single button that I found in my stash. Thankfully, I hadn’t moved all of the buttons like I’d thought. If anyone asks, this was a completely intentional design detail, right?

It felt really good to be able to just whip something out, even with a few minor imperfections! I do have a little bit of wedding-related sewing left to do–I need to just stop procrastinating have enough time at home to press the tie, and then that’s done,  but it looks like I’m going to need to make a couple of simple headbands out of the leftovers for my bridesmaids. I’d kind of like to make myself a little simple bag for the day of as well, and I also have one more piece of clothing that I’d like to make before the honeymoon. And a few other crafty things. I think my wish for a Tiramisu to bring with me is just going to have to go on the shelf, sadly, since there’s only 40 days to go now! Really, basically 39. And there are the small matters of, you know, packing and moving the majority of my stuff, and planning the rest of the wedding. So we’ll see how this goes–but at least I do know I will have some time this week in which I can sew!


9 thoughts on “First finished post-dress project!

  1. You “took a flaw and made it a feature” – I love the button detail! It's so nice when a creative fix works out so well! =)

    I hope you find the time for all your projects before your wedding. I look forward to all the photos of the big day!

    ~ Brooke


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