Sewing Surprise!

It’s reveal day for the Sewing Surprises swap that Nova is hosting!

I received a package from the lovely Kerrilee, from Sew Exhausted. (The sewcialist that I sent to was actually her co-writer, Laurie!) My package got a bit lost in transit for awhile, but arrived just in time for reveal day, on Friday. Which was great, because the end of the week was pretty stressful and it was the perfect fun surprise to cheer me up! So here’s what was inside:
IMG_0533The package came all tied up neatly with a pretty ribbon. It was much neater than this, but then I repackaged it when I realized that I needed to take pictures–I was too excited and had torn into it right away!

There was a card with the cutest little cat sticker to seal it up.


There were two packages of wedding-related scrapbook stickers. Which is perfect, because of course I’m already plotting to make a scrapbook so I can hoard all of the candids that my friends and family make, as well as professional shots that we can’t necessarily fit into the album that comes with our package!

The latest addition to my stash of sewcialist-given chocolate. I’m still working on the first of the two bars I got from New Zealand for the stash swap (eating them verrrrry sloooooooowly so there won’t be any last minute dress-fitting panic issues!), but sea salt and dark chocolate is completely yummy, so I’ll be looking forward to this for sure.

IMG_0537And finally, there were two coordinating pieces of super-lightweight jersey, and a pattern to make them into! I’ll have to see if I can squeeze this in before the wedding, because wouldn’t this be great for a tropical getaway?

I had a lot of fun putting together my package for Laurie, and it was very exciting to see what I got in return! Thanks again, Kerrilee!

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