I’ve been a bad, bad girl

The latest additions to the stash.

new fabric

The one on the left is my new plan for the Darling Ranges dress, in place of that more-muted-than-expected paisley. The one on the right is for the Reglisse dress–the stripes are small and a bit hand-drawn/crooked-looking, so I figure I can get all the visual fun of stripes without the hassle of trying to match things, because it will be impossible to do so.

Both are rayon challis (challises? Challi?) from Fabric.com. The already on sale price + 15% off total order made me do it. I’ll probably need to line the white, at least, so I’ll have to see if I have enough lining in stash.

No, I haven’t forgotten that I’m stashbusting, but since the one was to finish my dare, and I literally had nothing in the stash that was a good yardage for the Reglisse, that’s how I’m justifying it. So consider that altered pledge as starting now. And I think that I will be much happier with the result of the Darling Ranges with this painterly print–plus, think of the layering possibilities with all of those colors! I can wear cobalt! And plum! And–dare I try it–mustard? A mustard-colored cardi would go amazingly well with both dresses, but I’ll have to consider that, since yellows have traditionally not been the kindest to my complexion.

As for the paisley, I’m strongly leaning towards an autumnal Cambie dress. Or maybe some kind of longer tunic that I can wear with my skinny jeans. But we shall see. First step is to actually find time to sew again, since I’m quite sadly having a repeat of last year’s almost no-sew spring, it seems. But I am planning on working on the tie tonight, so that’s something, at least.


7 thoughts on “I’ve been a bad, bad girl

  1. I love the fabrics! I caved in and bought some knit fabrics at girl charlee last month. They didn't turn out quite like expected (oh the hazards of online fabric shopping!) but I'm so excited to use them!


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