The circle is complete

First off, regarding Me-Made-May ’13: I’ve decided to sit this one out this time, due to a trifecta of cons: The only new me-made things added to my wardrobe since last year are two dresses, a tank top, and a pair of jeans (and, you know, a wedding dress that took up 9 months of my life) so I’d basically be wearing exactly the same things as last year. I can’t wear me-mades for the retail job that tends to suck up 6 days a week this time of year, and have been getting out too late and too rushed to have time to take photos when I change to teach my music lessons. (Or, on Saturdays, to go lie on the couch and watch tv when I’m dead tired from 10-hour shifts on my feet.) And since it’s the last month before the wedding, adding daily photos to the mix is probably not an additional stress factor that I should put on myself. Honestly, I’d rather focus what free time I can squeeze in on actually sewing! So hopefully I can jump in again next year, after I’ve had some time to make fresh new items and make things more interesting for all involved.
So, today’s story: yesterday after work, and before and after some teaching, I decided to cut some things out so I can actually start sewing new things again! So I cut out the lining and interfacing for my fiance’s wedding tie, and pinned the pattern on the main fabric. (I did not cut that, because my videographer brother wants to get some footage of tie-making too, so I figured that would be the part he’d want to do.) I cut out a tank top from a piece of solid colored knit that had been in my stash for awhile. Unless I can figure out the embellishment I’m seeing in my head, I’m afraid this one will be rather boring. But I can probably sew it together in an evening, 2 at most, and after The One Dress, that’s what I need.

The third and final thing I wanted to cut out was from a piece of this white crinkle gauzy stuff that I think is probably cotton. I’m not 100% sure, because it falls into the category of “fabric I got for free because people who don’t know sewing and were decluttering gave it to my mom to make quilts”. After seeing Steph’s crinkle woven linen version of the Pavlova top, I’d thought to try out something like that, so I can use it as a lightweight jacket/sun protection layer for my honeymoon. (We’re going to Jamaica. I’m of Irish/Scottish/English/German decent and a quasi-natural redhead. That’s right, I can burn in 15 minutes!) So I laid the fabric out…and discovered that I was really short on fabric. Like, the entire wrap tie short. Guess I should have seen it coming, since my fabric was only about 45″ wide, but of course I didn’t check that now!

So, I tweeted about my conundrum, since I’d already had my laptop out so I could watch the first two episodes of The Great British Sewing Bee while I worked, and went back to the drawing board. I didn’t think to check my Burda magazines, honestly, but I already had my box with shirt patterns down, so I rummaged through to see what I could find.


Candidate #1: New Look 6922, which I bought several years ago but haven’t actually used yet. I thought the short-sleeved cardigan was potentially cute, so I started pulling the pieces out to see what I could do. And I realized that the shawl collar on such sheer fabric was going to look terrible, and it looked like I didn’t have quite enough fabric to really do that, either. So I put it back and kept looking. (Incidentally, I think I will have to revisit this, because I still think that short-sleeved cardigan looks very potentially cute!)


So I put that away, and pulled out New Look 6405. Which I did make once, years ago, but that particular top is no longer in my wardrobe because both the body and the long sleeves were too short for my comfort. (I still think the style is cute, though, so this one may also need revisiting. Maybe using my Renfrew as a fit check of sorts.) My thought was that I could take that crossover piece on the red shirt, double it, and then draft a wrap tie to make something similar to the Pavlova. I even went so far as to draw out the piece, though I realized partway through it that the crinkles would be running the opposite direction on the ties than on the front and back of the shirt. It was the only way it would fit.

Somewhere close to the end of this, I got a tweet back from Steph herself, suggesting that I just leave the ties off and draft it as a drapey-front cardi. (This is high on the list of why I’m becoming a total indie pattern snob–the ability to communicate directly with the designer!) So I put away the third pattern and went back to my original pattern. And it looked like I had just enough fabric for it to work! I did end up retracing the pieces, and made a few changes–I lengthened the front side seam to match up with the “muffin cover” on the back, added some length to the front diagonal bit, and traced the sleeve out to be the length of the short-sleeved size 45 rather than the size 35 that I was otherwise tracing. (I would have gone with the longer sleeve, but the fabric wasn’t wide enough.) I’m not sure how this will work out once it’s all together, but hopefully it’ll look cute, and if nothing else, it will be long enough in the front that I might be able to do a midriff tie or something if the mood strikes me. Because if you can’t get away with that on a tropical island, where can you?

Now I just need to find some time to sew, which will be tough since I have a date with the friend who’s doing my hair for the wedding tomorrow evening to do a dry run, an open-to-close shift at work on Saturday (boo), and church and a music rehearsal on Sunday. And absolutely no idea what the majority of my work schedule is after that, since it will only come out tomorrow at the earliest. Wish me luck!


6 thoughts on “The circle is complete

  1. I totally get your logic about using what time you have for sewing. I love to participate in the me mades, but I am too busy this year also. (nothing like your schedule however)


  2. Thanks for the encouragement–with the way my work schedule is shaping up, it's looking like it's going to be another year of barely having time to sew at all in the spring. Which is a bit discouraging, since that was really hard for me last year, and I think I really do need sewing as a stress release!


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