in the spotlight

It was definitely a surprise to me to hop on Feedly this morning while practicing some scales (I know, bad musician), and see my own wedding dress pop up! Jessica from Needle & Cloth kindly decided to feature me in her Daily Spotlight series that she just started– we’ve virtually gotten to know each other a bit over the last several months, as she’s also in the process of making her own wedding dress. And I’m quite honored to be featured there, as my little blog is one that generally keeps to itself!

An update about yesterday’s sewing machine fiasco: Should the worst case scenario happen and my trusty Bernadette (aka Bernina 1280) has to go off to that great sewing machine repair shop in the sky, my mom has kindly offered to let me keep the machine that she’s lent me for dress-finishing purposes. So I won’t be machineless. Which is good, because I’ve gotten all spoiled on nice machines and my eyes may have been popping out of my head a little to look online and see what it would cost to get even the most basic of my brand new! I’m planning to take Bernadette to the shop on Friday and see if I can get an idea of if she’s fixable/if it’s too expensive to bother. I did some price comparisons to see what it would cost to get the same model machine on eBay so I have a better idea.


5 thoughts on “in the spotlight

  1. I know, right? I tend to think I have one of those blogs that's generally unnoticed by the world at large, so it's nice to get a feature off of my own blog!


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