First finished project of 2013! Finally!

Obviously, it’s not the dress. Given the status of the last update, the only way that would have happened is if I had some talking mice and some friendly birds come in and finish it for me while I was stuck doing chores. But I’m not Cinderella (my feet are way too big, for one), so that didn’t happen.


What I did finish was a knitting project. Nothing too exciting, just a striped scarf made from leftovers of the hat I made last winter, at my rather patient fiance’s request. This has been one of my main go-to projects for tv hangout time with him over the last several months, as he knew I was making it and I didn’t have to hide it. Unlike a certain sewing project.
As far as technique goes, I did learn a couple of things from this scarf:
1. I really don’t understand how to join short pieces of yarn. I guess I could have just started knitting it, but I was afraid of unraveling, so I ended up knotting everything together. Which I’m almost certain is “wrong”, but at least it’s more likely to hold together should he decide to throw it in the wash.
2. My ends-weaving skills need work. I was left with lots of little frayed bits, which I wove in as best as I could and then trimmed off. Again, I’m not sure if this is “right” or not. (But I’m pretty sure it’s not.)
IMG_0510It was a fairly decent stashbuster– I basically knitted it until I was close enough to the end of the green yarn that I wasn’t entirely certain I’d have enough for another round. I have just enough left to use as a small amount of stuffing for something. (Can you use yarn as stuffing? I do want to make some pillows for the house…) I do still have a decent amount of both the black and tan left, so I’ll just need to figure out what to do with it. 

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