back details

I’m keeping this one fairly short today– just wanted to show some details of the back that I’ve been working on over the last few days, as told on Twitter.


Yes, that’s right, I made my own hashtag. And yes, I also realized as soon as I’d posted it the first time that it looks like my dress is ruling the mall. Oh well. Anyway, my mom gets the credit for finding these fabulous rhinestone buttons, because I was having a really hard time finding ones that weren’t pearls. No offense to those of you that like that, but pearls just really aren’t my thing.


I actually had to do the wider side of it twice–the first time, I got it a little too close to the zipper and it was showing all over the place. It still shows a bit at the very top, but I’ve also discovered that if I unzip it about a quarter inch or so, the overlay hides it rather well. So I think I’m going to do that with a hook and eye at the top of the dupioni section.


And here’s a view of the back! It doesn’t quite button at the top when Donna’s wearing it (I have a thread loop there), and the zipper shows much more on her. I spent at least a good half-hour on Friday walking around in it and standing on a chair so my mom could pin up the outer hem, and it fits me much better. I didn’t actually do any sewing on Friday, since we were also messing around with centerpiece ideas, but I did spend a couple of hours cutting out sunflowers from the lace to sew on the skirt. So, minus that, the hook and eye, and the hem, the outside of the dress is done! I still need to cut out and sew/install the lining, but I’m waiting until the hem is done, since I’m not sure if I’ll need to add some tulle layers for fullness and I need to see how the hem will fall first.

And guess what? I have an actual finished project to show! But I need to take some pictures first…

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