the tie saga

First of all: I don’t believe that emerald green is really the color of the year. Either that, or no one listens to Pantone. Because if they did, people would actually be selling emerald green fabric, don’t you think?

So, my fiance requested very early in the planning process that I make him a tie. I say this in the most loving way possible–he’s not exactly what I could call a “stylish” man. The Anthony Lilore quote that Cidell posted recently–that is a very accurate description of his style. So given this (and the fact that he’s flat-out told me that I probably shouldn’t ever attempt sewing clothes for him, because he probably won’t wear them), I felt like I should honor his request.

IMG_0481My original plan was to make a sash for my dress and a tie for him out of the same fabric. The problem has been actually finding some fabric, because it is really hard to find nice fabric that is solid green and not either chartreuse or olive, neither of which would really work for a June wedding with sunflowers. (If this was a fall wedding, I might be all over the olive, but it’s not.) I finally found a piece of lightweight silk at Gorgeous Fabrics that was lableled “happy green”, and looked to be kind of a bluer shade of yellow-green. And this is where the dangers of fabric shopping on the internet comes into play, because I got it in and it was basically lime. I like lime green. I think it’s a very happy color. But it was also most definitely brighter than I wanted for the wedding, mostly because of trying to match accessories for me and the bridesmaids to that. So I ordered some kelly green dye from Dharma Trading Co. and decided to see what I could do.

IMG_0484I figured that doing the washing machine route would be the best for an even color job. And Doug has a top-loader machine, which is what is usually recommended for this. So since we were having a low-key hangout at his place for his birthday on Saturday anyway, he was fine with me experimenting.

So I got the fabric wet, put the dye in, and let it run through the cycle.

The result….

Yeah, it basically looks exactly the same as it did before, doesn’t it? With the annoying addition of a few red dots right in the middle of the fabric, and a loss of the nice silky feel that it had before. *facepalm*I did try washing it again on Monday–with fabric softener–but it doesn’t seem to have helped yet. I’m going to run it through again soon, since I got some things at Goodwill that I need to wash anyway.

So after I freaked out a little and he got me calmed down, we headed over to Michaels’ to see if we could get some other dye. The selection of greens was rather limited, but we got some dark green since it looked like it would turn out decent. At his suggestion, I just cut a narrow strip off of the bottom and did a test run first. It’s a good thing, because it basically turned out to be army green. (I don’t have a picture of this, and already threw the strip away, so you’ll just have to trust me on this one.) At least now I know the washer dyes. So I gave up for the day and cleaned out the machine.

At this point, and after looking on Dharma again, I gave up and ordered a new piece of fabric from Mood on Sunday morning. It’s polyester, and I feel bad because I’m indulging myself with a silk dress and wanted to make him something nice too. But the powers-that-be are not working with me on the colors, you know? This also means that I’ve already broken my stashbusting pledge to not buy new fabric, but I think I can chalk this one up to special circumstances. I only bought a yard because at this point, the sash seems like more trouble than it’s worth. And at least with kelly green, I do have a better chance of finding jewelry to match. Assuming I can get it, because I also got a call last night saying that they don’t have it and wanted to talk to me about what my options are! I tried calling them back and it hung up both times–the original call had been during one of my lessons and I couldn’t pick up. So I guess I’ll call them today and see what’s up.

Seriously, people–why is it so hard to find solid green fabric?! The really annoying thing is that I need this fabric asap, so I can match the color to other things I need to get sorted really soon. Like centerpieces and cake.

This also means that I have about 3 yards of lime green silk with not much to do with it. Doug said multiple times that he likes the color. So I may try my hand at some lingerie. And maybe the Alma blouse, since I do have some skirts that a lime green top would look great with. If I can get this nice drape and hand back. Stupid dye.

Edit, 12:43 pm: I got back in touch with Mood, and was told that they wouldn’t get it in for 4-6 weeks! Which is kind of pushing it for a lot of the other things I need to match the color to. But the woman on the phone was very helpful, and I was able to swap it out for another piece that was the same price. And–get this–emerald. So hopefully that will be the end of the drama!

14 thoughts on “the tie saga

  1. that is maddening. good luck! once, when my mother and grandmother were trying to coordinate colors, they got matching paint chips from the hardware store. If the insanity continues, maybe you can mail one you like to a store and ask for the best match they have, regardless of how it looks online.


  2. I work at a fabric store and we've just recently gotten a bunch of orange (I mean “tangerine”) fabric in, you know, *last year's* Pantone color. Maybe this means there will be a bunch of green available next year? Still, this close to St. Patrick's day I'm surprised there isn't more green out there to be had.


  3. Oh, there's plenty of green. It's all just lime, chartreuse, or olive. 😛 But Mood did help me locate a piece that's actually emerald, so hopefully that's the end of it!


  4. So annoying when you have a clear vision and you can't find the things to match the vision. Which is also the disadvantage of having a clear vision. I hope the fabric Mood has found now will be what you want.


  5. I've been asking this question for years! I love all shades of green but I've been looking for more “grass” or “emerald” or “kelly” with no luck. Was happy when I heard of this year's “color of the year” being green, but am not expecting to see the fabric in stores for another 6 months – fashion for mass production gets the new fabrics/colors first.

    In general, I'm always on the lookout for bright true colors – I don't like my colors greyed down.

    Hope you have solved your problem and the new stuff is a nice green!


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