T-4 months till W-Day….

I’ve gotten absolutely nothing accomplished on the dress this morning, because I’m too busy baking. My fiance’s birthday is tomorrow, and I’ve got a little get-together with some girlfriends tonight. Ironically, this was postponed from two weeks ago due to bad winter weather, and now we have a nor’easter rolling through! But it looks like my area is going to get nothing but rain until 9 or later. As much as I hate winter rain because it is the most depressing weather EVER, I’m glad the snow is going to hold off long enough for me to hang out with my friends! And I doubt we’ll be staying super-late, since the friend’s house we’re meeting at is my bridesmaid who had the baby 2 months ago today.

My hands have been busy, and so has my brain, trying to wrap it around all of the things I need to get done in the next 4 months. And several of them have a DIY component, so that justifies me doing a brain dump here, right?

  • The dress, obviously. I am 4 catch-stitched seam allowances away from being ready to sew the skirt onto the bodice, woohoo! Which I’m hoping I can get done today, because between Doug’s birthday, church activities and flute choir, it looks like this weekend is going to be a total bust for sewing.
  • Doug’s tie and a green sash for my dress. I got the fabric in last week, which I ordered from Gorgeous Fabrics. The color is gorgeous, of course–it was labeled “happy green” and appeared to be a cheery spring green–but unfortunately it’s way too close to neon for my comfort in this particular context. So I also got some kelly green dye from Dharma Trading Company to see what I can do. In other words, dyeing experiments are in my near future! (Side note: for emerald being the Pantone color of the year, it is ridiculously hard to find solid silk fabric in a good weight for a tie that’s anywhere close to a green that isn’t chartreuse or olive!)
  • Jewelry for the bridesmaids, which I may or may not have to end up making myself. It’s dependent on whatever color this fabric ends up being (ohpleaseohpleaseohpleaseworkout) and whatever dresses my girls end up getting. I don’t particularly care if they wear the same dress, we’re just doing knee-length black something or other so I can up the chances that this dress can actually be worn again, but I do need to have an idea about necklines so I can see if necklaces are in or out, you know?
  • Centerpieces for the reception. We were originally planning to incorporate my mom’s teapot collection, but we didn’t have nearly enough that would work and it was way too expensive to get enough. So we’re painting some flowerpots instead and filling them with the artificial flowers. This is also going to depend on what color green this fabric ends up being. On the plus side, I may be able to reuse some of these pots afterwards to grow some herbs or something. But it’s still another DIY. 
  • I also need to finish figuring out flowers for the ceremony, but my church got renovated and no one seems to know what the deal is for weddings now that the sanctuary looks very different and so I’m kind of stuck.
  • I need to get back in touch with the baker to confirm coloring for some details on the cake. Again, waiting on that green fabric.
  • Invitations, thankfully, are done and printed. Hopefully having invitations that don’t completely fill the envelope won’t look tacky, because we had to get larger envelopes to accommodate RSVP cards due to the sizing. I just need to get stamps, stuff ’em and send ’em, but that can wait till next month.
  • I’m making these paper sunflowers to go on the table numbers, which is in progress, but still quite a bit to do.
  • I need to get a garment bag for the dress. 
And that is just all I’m able to think of off the top of my head that is related to things I’m making, and doesn’t even factor in things like moving. Do I sound stressed? I’m sorry to say that I’m beginning to feel stressed!

5 thoughts on “T-4 months till W-Day….

  1. i can sympathize because i got married last april – i got a little stressed at the end (ok a lot stressed). as for flowers, an easy way to go is to check with your local lowes or home depot and see what potted flowers they'll have in store the week of your wedding, and just go buy a bunch of those. you won't have a ton of control about what you get, but it's so much cheaper and quicker than doing arrangements (i paid $6 for potted tulips, which would have been a $50 arrangement), plus you can plant them at your house after the wedding. and i bought nicer looks pots to cover the plants from http://www.save-on-crafts.com they have a ton of great wedding stuff.


  2. It's so exciting to hear you'll be attaching the skirt to the top soon!

    I found invitations to be the most overwhelming job, so I drew a big sigh of relief when they were all done! I'm sure they'll be fine if the envelope is a little large. Sounds like you have them all figured out and ready to go. If you have a little help, you can get those done in a day!

    I hope the dye works out well for you. I did gold with Green accents as my wedding colors. My sister wore an emerald green dress with a gold sash, and it looked great in photos. Is it possible to return the fabric instead of dying it? There must be the color you want out there somewhere!

    I second save-on-crafts. They're a great source for a lot of wedding things.

    I totally understand your stress! It's normal and justified.
    Just remember that even if necklaces aren't made, and the color green is a little off, at the end of the day, you will still be married, and that's all that matters. You'll be too excited that day to even care about the little details. Just enjoy it, because it flies by so quickly! 🙂


  3. We did already pay a deposit with the florist, so I do kind of need to run with it. (Plus the entire color scheme and theme is centering around sunflowers, which tend to not show up in pots around here. Fortunately, my taste in favorite flowers is on the relatively inexpensive end of the florist scale!) It's just trying to figure out placement, and who at the church actually knows what's going on. We are doing the artificial arrangements ourselves for the reception, since that's where the biggest floral expense would be, and I'm also going to be doing the kitchen in a sunflower theme, so I figure I can recycle some of those flowers into a wreath! I will keep the save-on-crafts site in mind, though, since I'm sure there's things I'm overlooking and will need to get.


  4. I bet the invitations were overwhelming, since that was the major component you designed yourself! Mine were a little less stressful–I have an artist friend that I asked to draw something, and she came over one day and we played around with photoshop until we came up with something we both liked. So they're printed and done.

    I'm going to be doing the dyeing today–my fiance is very bravely allowing me to use the washing machine at his place, since he's got the top-loader that's more ideal for such dye jobs (and my mom told me in no uncertain terms that I was not to put dye in their washing machine EVER! I don't think it would have worked anyway, since it's a front-loader.) Wish me luck!

    And yeah, that's what I'm trying to tell myself. I think the toughest thing about it is something that my mom mentioned awhile back–she and I are both known to our family and friends as crafty people, so it's almost like there's this expectation that we'll DIY a lot of things. And I'm so used to that DIY mentality that it's really hard for me to shake it sometimes–I was looking for music arrangements for the ceremony that will work with my instrumentation, and was having a really impossible time with finding a very common piece of music that's even close to it. So my first instinct was, “I guess I'll have to arrange the music myself.” (Which I can do, since my degree is in music.) And then I realized what I was telling myself, thought about it a little more, and realized that I can also find Beethoven's Ode To Joy in the hymnal at my church, photocopy that, and let the musicians handle it! Whew!


  5. I was just thinking that you dont sound that stressed – you sound pretty organised to have it all listed here. It sounds like, once you have sorted the green fabric, a lot of other bits will start to fall into place. I'm sure it will all come together perfectly!


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