Post-wedding dress wish list(s)

The other sewing dare I received from Gillian was to make a list of things I’d like to sew after the dress. As it turns out, I have a bunch of different pieces of fabric bagged up with patterns and ready to cut and sew….and absolutely none of those are things I want to make right away! (I’ll get to them sometime. Really.)

I actually have two entirely separate lists, because there’s things I’d like to make for the honeymoon if I have time before the wedding, and a different set of priorities I need to think about if I don’t. So here’s the lists!

If I have a couple of months after the dress:
I am going to need some new things for the honeymoon/summer, I think. I don’t think I can realistically expect that I’ll be able to sew everything. But ideally, I would at least like to sew something new for it. (Is it weird that the thought of retail shopping feels like such a drag now? Hopefully I can at least thrift a few things, because that’s more fun!) I’ve been plotting out possibilities in my head from my current wardrobe, and I think I can put together a decent travel wardrobe for a Caribbean getaway, but here’s a few additions I’d love to have:

  • After such a time-consuming, fitting-intensive, couture EVERYTHING project, I think I’m really going to need a palate-cleanser. Since I already have the fit tweaked and I know it’s a quick one, I’m thinking another Renfrew will be just the ticket. I’m thinking the short-sleeved, scoop-neck version, so I don’t have to mess with altering the v-neck front just yet. The only catch–I’d want to make this something I could wear for the honeymoon, and would you believe that I don’t think I actually have any knits that would work for that purpose? They’re all either cool rayon prints that have way too much yardage for me to “waste” on a top that will only use about half of it at the most, or the cotton/poly blend solids that I picked up at Joann’s. Which I think would be too hot for summer in the tropics, you know? If I’m going to stick to my stashbusting pledge, I need to think of a way around this.
  • I have about a yard of denim leftover from the jeans, and since I am desperately in need of shorts that fit–most of mine are WAY too big around my waist because it was the only way I could find any that fit my hips at the time–a wearable muslin of the Thurlow shorts would be great. The fabric is wide enough that I think I could just manage to squeeze them out. To save fabric/speed up the process/make sure it fits first, I’d probably leave the welt pockets off, and then just go jeans-style with patch pockets if I had enough fabric left.
  • Another wish-list item would be a wearable muslin of the Tiramisu dress. I have quite a bit of navy jersey, from bedsheets of all things. (When my brother got married, he gave me the now-too-small jersey sheets that he’d been using so I could use them for fabric purposes.) I think a basic navy dress could be great for things like the “resort formal” dress code at some of the ritzier restaurants at the resort we’re going to.
  • I may actually do some sleepwear/lingerie. (Gasp! At my fiance’s request, of course.) I do actually need some summer sleepwear, since I had about 2 things I rotated between all last summer and just never had the time to make anything else. And I do have a few patterns I’ve collected recently to make some appropriate things.

If I don’t have much time before the wedding…
Then I’ll probably have to just suck it up and take a break from sewing. (Nooo!) And then keep a knitting project around so I don’t go crazy from complete lack of craftiness. But there’s definitely a few things I’d like to do once I get settled in after all of this:

  • I need to make some curtains for his townhouse. I’ve figured out that I can recycle my bedroom curtains for the office, because the beachy stripes are masculine enough for his taste and the color just happens to go very well with the walls in there. But I also need to make a new curtain for the sliding glass door, one for the kitchen window, one for my sewing room and two sets of curtains for the bedroom. The bedroom would be the highest priority, since I need the light blockage. I do have fabric for all of these, and I’ll probably keep them very simple in style, because fancy-schmancy draperies aren’t really my thing. Also, rectangles are faster to sew, and that means I’ll be able to get back to clothes sooner!
  • Pants, pants, and more pants. I easily have materials for about 5 or 6 Thurlows, and once I get the fit figured out, I think I’m just going to assembly-line sew all of them at once. I’m so sick of wearing pants that are too short for me, and I rarely am able to find RTW pants that fit me well enough to justify buying them. Since she specifically designed the pattern for the larger hips/smaller waist types, I’m hopeful that this is going to be THE pants pattern I’ve been looking for! Also, more jeans, because I’ve been wearing my one me-made pair pretty much every time it’s clean, and therefore I need more.
  • A knit dress for the fall would be good. Perhaps the Tira if I can figure out how to lengthen the sleeves, or perhaps revisiting Butterick 5206. I do have a couple of fabrics in the stash that I think could be good options. If I can figure out how to get around the fact that both prints are fairly thin knits with white backgrounds, and therefore I may have to be concerned with opacity. (Has anyone had luck with lining knits?)
  • Yeah, I’ll probably still end up doing that sleepwear/lingerie at some point. He’s been asking so nicely.

3 thoughts on “Post-wedding dress wish list(s)

  1. Cool list. Check out the sewingcake site for how to lengthen the sleeves. It's a really cool look. But you can definitely do it other ways.

    I haven't done a ton of pants. This year I want to work on a ton of tops and jackets. Need to work through stash, too, so we'll see. :0


  2. It seems like everyone is trying to work through stash this year! I definitely need to get mine down to a manageable level. Especially now that I have to move it all…


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