puzzle solving

IMG_0454After the great lace disaster of last week, I’ve managed to get to the point where the front is basically done, and am now applying lace to the back! Which, surprisingly, has turned out to be more complicated than princess seams. Between trying to somewhat match up the motifs that are going over the seamlines and trying to keep it flat and intact over the organza part–I’d like to avoid having to stitch that down so it looks nice on the inside–trying to do this one side of the back has become like trying to solve this complicated puzzle where I’m carefully trimming around bits of sunflowers and overlapping other bits to try and make a fabric that still looks nice but stays flat. All this while trimming and stitching as I go. I tried putting the bodice on Donna and trimming out a piece of lace to put on this piece yesterday, and it didn’t work, so I had to resort to basically having the entire piece of lace hanging off of this thing at some point and stitching as I go. I had to make some overlap, but I did have a couple of flowers touching on the front as I tried to work around the princess seams, so it will have to do. There’s not many other options for a lace with a lot of netting in between flowers. Most people probably won’t be looking that closely, right?

IMG_0458At least those other cut pieces won’t entirely go to waste, as I can recycle the sunflowers as skirt embellishments. I’m having my leg model here so they really pop! There’s about 6 fully trimmed out so far, and others in various stages of cutting netting away. I’ve been working a little of this in between things so I can break up the mountain of hand-sewing on occasion.

UntitledThe other major thing I’ve gotten done this week was sewing twill tape around the top of the bodice to help shape and stabilize the neckline, and turning and stitching those pieces down. It took some re-reading of Bridal Couture and a shoutout for some clarification on Twitter to figure out exactly how best to go about it, but I think the results turned out well. I grabbed this pic on my phone in-progress…

IMG_0455And here’s the result! It did make a rather nicely-shaped neckline, I think–maybe a little pointier than I would have wanted on the right side, but we’ll see if I redo it. I did do this part with some negative ease, so it should help the thing curve in and fit me better, too.


In continuing the tradition of showing the guts of the dress, here’s what it looks like inside, with the photo seriously filtered to really let it show. For some reason, this side was way more ripply than the other side, and I may end up re-doing this particular section to attempt to get it to lie flatter. (I think this is the pointier side, come to think of it…maybe that explains it.)

One last order of business before I get back to work– I was recently given the Premio award by the lovely Hana. It’s to thank the last 9 people who have commented here, and I’m all in favor of more commenting (and have been making an effort to leave comments more often myself this year!) So I’d like to send a shoutout to Hana (still the most recent commenter!), Donna, Murieann, Helen T, Gwen, soisewedthis, Allison, Christina, and Carolyn.

I apologize to those of you whose blogs I didn’t link– I discovered as I was doing this that apparently Disqus won’t link me to the blog for the commenter like the default settings do. I also learned from Hana that apparently the comments don’t work on Internet Explorer! Has this been an issue for anyone else? Would it be better if I try to undo the Disqus and just go back to the default commenting?


7 thoughts on “puzzle solving

  1. Apparently I'm having trouble with Disqus too, at least with the comment notification end of it– I didn't know you'd commented until actually logging into my blog just now! But thank you for the feedback.


  2. thanks 🙂 (I'm working on the assumption I am the Allison in question. If not, we shall share :P)

    I'm impressed by all the work getting the lace motifs to come together so well – the end result should be stunning


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