Yesterday was not a good day.

So far, I’d been feeling pretty good about my rate of progress on the dress. I got the nude organza sewed onto the back on Tuesday, though I’m holding off on the shoulder seams for now, and spent probably a solid 7-8 hours over the course of the next two days carefully hand-tacking the allover lace to the main fabric on the front of the bodice, cutting around motifs to try and make the seaming as invisible as possible, etc. (I’m so glad I’ve got my seasonal unemployment going on right now, or there’s no way I’d get this done.) I made it all the way to the point of being able to add lace to one of the side front pieces. And then, after a couple of hours fussing with one flower in particular, I had this sinking feeling…

So I held it up to myself, and sure enough: I had a flower centered right in the worst possible place it could be on the princess seam. And this was after spending quite a bit of time pinning, unpinning, and even getting a second opinion to make sure I avoided doing this.

I tried unpicking as little as possible and just shifting that particular flower as much as I could, but it was a no-go. So I spent much of yesterday evening undoing nearly two days’ work, and panicking over the thought that I might not be able to avoid doing this again because of the large-scale motifs, and “what if I have to buy new lace I don’t have options around here and none of my usual fabric websites have anything that would work right now and I designed the entire dress around this lace!” It was not a good night.

Now that I have it all unpicked, I think I’ve found an alternate placement that will help me avoid this. I’ll have to cut a new piece of lace, but the original one can be salvaged either for a side front piece or just using the motifs on the skirt, as originally planned. It’s a good thing I went with dupioni for the main fabric, as I think a less textured silk probably would have been wrecked in the process of undoing the lace and then I would have lost all of the bodice work, too. So now I just have to make up for lost time…


2 thoughts on “Yesterday was not a good day.

  1. Gwen

    Oh Becky, I know exactly how you felt! I remember times when I was working on Susan's wedding dress when I wanted to cry with despair… 😦
    I'm so glad you found a way to work around the awkward placement! You'll do it and it will all be worth it when you walk down the aisle in your beautiful dress, your labor of love! 🙂


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