Award time!


Gwen was kind enough to nominate me for a blog award! Thanks! 🙂

The rules for this one:
1. Thank the person who nominated you. 

2.  Add The One Lovely Blog Award/Very Inspiring Blogger Award to your post.
3.  Share 7 things about yourself.
4.  Pass the award on to 10 nominees.
5.  Include this set of rules.
6.  Inform your nominees by posting a comment on their blogs.

For the 7 things about myself, just to do something different this time, this edition is going to be all crafty confessions!

1. As I’ve mentioned before, my mom started teaching me to sew when I was still in elementary school. The first thing I remember making by myself from a pattern was an elastic-waist skirt, a bit on the fuller side, from a lavender twill that was printed with white heart outlines and the occasional pink or blue heart. This is odd, because I very quickly outgrew pastels, pink in general, and hearts. Also, I’m not sure I ever did iron the hem, so it looked pretty awful.

2. My one foray into the vintage pattern world was a vest I made in high school. I may have mentioned it before. It was a 1970’s pattern for a cropped, button-up vest, from my mom’s pattern stash before a major purge. I made it from a snakeskin vinyl that I found among her things, probably also from the 1970s. I couldn’t pin it, so I traced the pattern pieces on it with a sharpie. And wrote the labels for what piece was what right smack in the middle of the pieces where anyone could see it, because this vest was not lined. I actually did wear this quite a bit. (I really wish I’d been taking pictures of my creations back then. I made some wacky stuff as a teenager.)

3. Since I still consider myself to be a beginner knitter, though perhaps an advanced beginner by this point, my last two previous attempts to become a knitter were the following: A scarf that I knit in college, made from that Lion Brand Homespun stuff, which I only finished one half of because Homespun is seriously awful to knit with and I ended up with so many extra stitches on my needles from the splitting that the thing looked awful. The sides curled up like crazy and one end was probably a good 4″ wider than the other, at least. (As a side note, all the crocheters I know love that yarn. I guess it’s easier to work with on a hook.) The other attempt was a never-finished bit of knitting that I made in high school, solely as a costume prop–one of my friends decided to do a Dickens-themed costume party one year around Christmas, and I decided to go as Madame Defarge from A Tale of Two Cities. Needless to say, I no longer have either project.

4. I started scrapbooking as a teenager as well, due to a kit that an aunt gave me for Christmas one year. I did some wacky stuff with that, too, like taking one of the flowers from the centerpiece at the “junior-senior banquet” (aka Christian school version of prom, where dancing was only allowed at the afterparty that some parents would usually sponsor so it wasn’t officially done by the school, and kids whose families were opposed to dancing for denominational reasons just wouldn’t go), sticking it in my flower press, and gluing it in. So to this day, I have a flattened, glittered carnation in that book along with my prom pictures. (For the record, they were giving the flowers away after, so I got it fair and square!)

5. I’ve talked before on multiple occasions of the highly ambitious projects that I’ve wanted to do, and are now either sewing or have sewn, i.e. jeans and a wedding dress. But there’s a few things that I’m rather scared to attempt sewing myself. I think the top of that list would be bras, or swimwear.

6.  Given that I have yet to successfully make any of the standard fit adjustments (FBA, etc), or to successfully draft my own pattern for anything that’s not a bag, I’m seriously beginning to wonder if I have the capability to do flat pattern alterations at all. I’m going to blame math–it’s not that I was terrible at it, but it certainly doesn’t come naturally to me and having to deal with numbers honestly gives me a headache very fast. (I always tell a people that since I’m a musician, I’m very good at counting to four repeatedly…)

7. I wouldn’t say I’ve attempted all crafts, but there’s a few I’ve dabbled with that just never really stuck. Stuff like cross stitching–I’ve started and never finished multiple projects, and I guess it just bores me. I’ve also played with polymer clay to try and make my own jewelry, and that didn’t really work out, either. (Though I do break that out occasionally for scrapbook embellishments or geeky crochet hooks.) My bestie also tried to teach me to crochet once, and I’ve since discovered that I generally like the look of knitted projects better, and it seems to be easier on my wrists. A few things I haven’t attempted, and probably won’t, are weaving (unless you count those nylon loop potholder things that kids make), and spinning my own yarn, because, you know, wool.

As for ten people…. I know this one’s been going around for awhile, so I apologize if there’s any repeats. I’m also trying to go for blogs are not quite as well-known, because the people who write them are inspiring and they deserve recognition too!

1. Claudine at Rolling In Cloth
2. Alexandra at Alexandra and the Cuckoo Clock
3. Christina at her brand spankin’ new blog home, Clever Crafty Creative
4. Hana at Marmota’s Dress Diaries 
5. Allison at A Fabric Fixation
6. Kristin at Quiet and Small: Adventures in PhD Land
7. Gail at My Fabrication
8. A more recent find– Sophie at Monbouton’s Needles
9. Dawn at Two On Two Off
10. Kelli at True Bias


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