still underlining

But I’m getting closer. I’ve been working on the skirt pieces today. My new favorite tool for working on the dress?


A light box! The waxed marks on the underlining were frustratingly invisible, so I had the thought to try this. Fortunately, my mom still had her old light box. I’m pretty sure this thing is from the 80s, I remember her using it at her work-at-home job when I was a kid, so it’s this big bulky thing. I’ve also found that I can only thread-trace one piece at a time, which is about a 45-minute process, because the box gets pretty hot on the bottom and so I like to turn it off and give it (and my legs) a break. It’s probably better for my carpal-tunnelly wrist that way, anyway.

For the record, and since this is an excuse to quote The Princess Bride, I am not left-handed. I just needed my right hand to hold the camera. Also, my fabric is obviously not green, but after playing with a few different settings and the lights always turning the white a different color regardless, I decided it looked cool this way! 

I’ve been leaving the muslin pinned on while doing this in order to keep the pieces from shifting as much as possible, and catching that bottom layer hasn’t been much of an issue at all. I think this will actually save me some time, because I can totally see the machine-stitched thread-traced lines through the two layers of white, and so I’m not seeing much point in bothering to do the waxed paper tracing if I can just follow those lines.


5 thoughts on “still underlining

  1. I was kind of limited by the size of the lightbox, but I did the best I could. I figure worst case scenario, I can take out the basting around the hem and work it out that way.


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