a crafty Christmas haul

Like I said in yesterday’s post, I was totally spoiled this year. So here’s the latest additions to my various supplies and stashes! Besides, this is just a thinly-veiled excuse to play with the new camera.

Knitting goodies

I got some knithing things– two skeins of recycled denim yarn, these two books (one from my mom and one from my fiance), and two bamboo circular knitting needles that I found in my stocking.

Fabric goodiesI got some fabric, of course– though mostly not for clothes this time. The fat quarters are the exception, since those are for things like waistband facings and pockets for all of those pants and jeans  that I need to make. The big mostly-blue and green floral print on the right is for curtains in my future sewing room, the sunflowery thing is one of those panel apron kits, the cheery print on the left is so I can make myself a tailor’s ham/sleeve roll/ironing mat cover/other pressing aids.
Ironing goodiesWhich, of course, brings me to more pressing aids! My mom said she specifically wanted to find some things to stock my future craft room that other people might not think to get for me. So she got me this ironing mat for when I don’t want to haul out an entire ironing board, this lovely-smelling starch alternative spray, and the iron off of my registry. She got this one awhile back and it works very nicely–and I’m glad that she went ahead and got it, because she’s one of the only people I know who would understand that me asking for a pricier iron is because I actually do need one that will hold up while getting more-than-average household use!

Sewing goodies

Other sewing goodies: A long clear quilter’s ruler and brand-new scissors, both of which I’ve already opened to use in cutting out The One Dress, a tube turner set similar to one that I’ve been constantly borrowing from her since I was a teenager, a buttonhole cutter, sewing machine needles (one pack of which is the extra-sharp fine needles and so I will most certainly be using those soon), and a little frame/bag thing to sit around a serger and catch the messy stringy bits. And Gertie’s book!
Other crafty stuffAnd finally, my very own glue gun, and another book from my Amazon wishlist. You know, just in case I do ever decide to try the Etsy thing or anything like that ever again. If nothing else, it looks like it has some good information on photos and blogging. They’re not pictured here, but I also got some glue sticks for that gun, and a Joann’s gift card from my future in-laws, which I’ll probably just hang onto for awhile until I have a better idea of things I might need for my craft room, or home dec-type stuff.

What about you? Anything fun and crafty under your tree this year?


8 thoughts on “a crafty Christmas haul

  1. Oh, what a haul indeed! I'm particularly envious (sort of) of the ironing mat. That would certainly come in useful around here, too.
    I did not get crafty gifts as such, but still… some pretty awesome things were there, too. 🙂

    And I'm intrigued by the recycled denim yarn


  2. The ironing mats are rather useful, I've used my mom's on occasion.

    I'm sure I'll post something about that denim yarn, once I have time to knit something out of it! The funny thing is, I bought the exact same yarn in a slightly different color as a gift for my crocheting sis-in-law.


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