2012 in review, part 2: In which I talk numbers and stuff

Jeans 1
I know I’ve posted this picture before, but it has two of this year’s finished projects, so I thought it would be appropriate!

2012 totals:
Fabric in: a whopping 63 yards. I blame the wedding dress. And my future curtains. Also, since I’m posting this a few days before Christmas, obviously this doesn’t count anything I might receive there.
Fabric out: about 27 yards
Stash total: about 248 yards
Total number of finished projects this year: 21, if I count the dress muslin. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Garments sewn: 13, + one very time-consuming muslin. Actually, make that 2 time-consuming muslins…the jeans took awhile, too.
  • This amounts to a raincoat, 2 fully-lined corduroy jackets, 5 tops (2 of which were reconstructions), 1 skirt (also a reconstruction), 3 dresses and a pair of jeans.
  • Knitting projects completed: 3 (Doug’s hat, my Camille shrug and a scarf)
  • Other projects: a bridal shower gift, a baby shower gift, a knitting needle case and a scarf.
  • This total did not count scrapbook pages, though I did finish several. It’s just that most of them were ones I’d already started a year or two ago. And I’m too lazy right now to actually pull them out and count them.
  • The sewing project that I’m proudest of is obviously the jeans, since finishing a pair of those successfully has been on my yearly goal list probably every single year since I started this thing. The knitting project that I’m proudest of is the Camille shrug, because I think that is the most complicated pattern that I’ve followed so far, minus that sweater I mentioned earlier. And this turned out to be a really fun knit, which surprised me!
  • UFO projects from this year: I have 3 knitting projects (Doug’s scarf, the “Branching Out” handwarmers and a “Gap-tastic” cowl that I started ages ago to use up the yarn from my Cadence sweater. (I’m not counting that top that ended up getting completely frogged.) I also have a Vogue knit top that I cut out back in the spring, but set aside because it would be too warm to wear it for months and I never got back to it. And I have a pillow that I started making at a craft day at a friend’s house, which won’t take me too long to finish but the wedding stuff is higher priority now, and a patchwork skirt for my sis-in-law that I only work on when she’s around so I can make it exactly to her specifications.

Things that surprised me: 

  • I made absolutely zero jewelry all year. I guess this is making up for the year of the ill-fated craft fair/Etsy shop?
  • I barely did any reconstructing, but considering how few finished sewing projects I had, period, I guess it’s to be expected.
  • The sewing projects I did do were rather complicated and involved, for the most part. Due to this, I made a lot more muslins this year than I think I ever have. Which is definitely a factor in the next point…
  • My sewing has slowed way, way down, since I only averaged about one project a month. But I think that has the potential to change after the wedding–I’m sure it will be easier to work in creative time once we’re actually living together and therefore see each other on a more regular basis. Plus there won’t be all of that travel time between my place and his.
  • Apparently I like knitting complicated lacey patterns. See above. I also really like brainless knitting for tv-watching purposes, but that’s not a surprise.
  • A recent surprise is that I’ve really been in the mood to pick up my scrapbooking again lately. This is probably because I’ve also been thinking that should be the next major supply stash that I should sort through/pack up/move.
Anyway, that’s pretty much it for this year! In the meantime, I’m trying to push through the last week of 2 jobs for awhile, reading up on any tips and tricks that will help me actually get this dress going for real, and going through the flurry of activity that inevitably comes with Christmas! So I just wanted to take this opportunity to wish all of you a very merry Christmas, and to thank you for your time spent reading and commenting on this blog–it really means a lot, especially knowing that I haven’t had a whole lot to show this year!

9 thoughts on “2012 in review, part 2: In which I talk numbers and stuff

  1. 21 finished items …that is brilliant! You certainly had a very varied year craft and sewing wise. Thanks for sharing the year, and I look forward to seeing what you create in 2013. Enjoy Christmas and I hope Santa is good to you…J


  2. You've had a terrific year… Merry Christmas Becky and I hope you have a lovely day with your family and fiance. Best wishes for all that you do in the New Year… and I still cannot WAIT to see the wedding dress 🙂


  3. Well, that was actually my yardage that I got over the course of the year…I used up 27. But it averages to using up about half of what I brought in, so that's not bad, right?


  4. Thanks! I hope you and your family have a lovely Christmas too– I have to admit I'm slightly jealous of your summer Christmas right now, because it's suddenly gotten COLD here!

    And I'm excited to see how this dress turns out, too!


  5. I'm actually surprised I got this much done, because I feel like I spent the entire year sewing fully lined jackets and such. Once I get done with this wedding dress, I might have to just whip out a dozen Renfrews or something, just to make some quick stuff!


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