I’m dreaming of a blue craft room…

Production on the dress has come to a pause. It’s partially because my schedule has suddenly exploded with things like having to work multiple Saturdays in a row again (boo), things I’m playing my flute for (yay!) and various social engagements, all of which conspire to keep me out of the house for multiple evenings. It’s also partially because the only table in the house that’s big enough to cut this thing out on is completely covered in gift-wrapping stuff, most of which is not mine and therefore I have no control over getting it cleaned off. So I don’t think I’ll actually get it cut out before Christmas, but before the end of the year seems like a pretty reasonable goal. I hope. The good news is that the muslin is dissected, though I do need to press it. Between that and some Craftsy/reading research on the underlining, since it’s been awhile since I’ve done that, hopefully that will be enough to keep me feeling productive while I wait.

https://i1.wp.com/distilleryimage11.s3.amazonaws.com/94ea79d2f54711e1973e22000a1e88a7_7.jpgIn the meantime, I’m now about 6 months away from getting…. *drumroll*…. my own sewing/craft room! I’ve been collecting inspiration on Pinterest for a few months, and the room is already painted. (I thought I had a picture of it, but I don’t yet–it’s a very cheery aqua color with a creamy yellow on the doors and inside the closet. It’s such a happy-looking room, and I think it will be wonderful to create in!) My beads and most of my jewelry-making supplies are also already down there, and now super-organized thanks to my fiance. I also have this table from Ikea, which folds out to make a cutting table large enough to cut the legs of pants out, and therefore should serve most of my purposes.

The biggest question at the moment that still needs to be answered is how the heck to store my hundreds of yards of fabric, I figured I’d show a couple of the things that are inspiring me right now.

Marie over at A Stitching Odyssey  recently did a sewing room makeover, and I absolutely love the look of her fabric cubicles. It’s a pretty nice way of keeping all of the different types of fabric together! Gertie did something similar, but with a whole bunch of canvas boxes.  Which is a nice way to keep the dust out, but I do kind of miss seeing the fabric!

I saw this closet craft room thing on Pinterest awhile back. Doug suggested that we make the closet into a little nook for my non-sewing crafts, like my scrapbooking and jewelry-making. So we’ve got a little table in there, and some shelves. I’m really looking forward to having a place where I can just leave layouts sitting out and work on them as I’m able– I think it will do wonders for me actually getting pages done, since the biggest deterrent for a long time is that I have to drag stuff out every time I want to scrapbook, and my sewing machine is always out. I’m thinking that if I get an office chair where I can adjust the height, I can use it for both that and my sewing table.

There’s a bunch of little things that need to get figured out still–where to put my pattern boxes and various craft books, what to do with my fabric and yarn, where to keep all of those various notions like threads and scissors and the like, etc. But I am rather looking forward to getting it figured out and seeing how it comes together!

What about you? How do you like to keep your fabrics and the like organized?

4 thoughts on “I’m dreaming of a blue craft room…

  1. I just reorganized over the weekend and I took over a bookcase to store my fabric and patterns. But i don't have hundreds of fabrics, so it works out fine. Maybe I'll get some clear bins if things get out of control. I like being able to see what i've got. I'd like to get some fun hooks to hang up my scissors and stuff. Take pics when yours is done!


  2. I don't have hundreds of fabrics either, lol…just a couple hundred yards. I do like being able to see what I have, too, but my fiance and I were bouncing around some ideas and he had a good one for a more enclosed space that could double as an inspiration board/protecting my fabrics from dust. We'll have to see how it ends up!


  3. I totally get you on lack of organization! I guess I can say my fabrics are surprisingly organized–at least, they're mostly in bins in the same location. Except for all of my curtain fabric that still needs to get washed. And, well, everything I've bought in the last several months.

    Ok, forget that idea.


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