Surprise– I’m still knitting!

It’s not a really focused thing right now, obviously. But this has become the answer to the conundrum I posted about awhile ago for what I can do in situations where I want to craft but can’t work on the dress. Namely those where I’m just chilling at my or Doug’s house, watching tv with him and wanting to keep my hands busy.

So I have two in-progress projects to share with you today.

IMG_0285I started this one first, though it’s hibernating for the moment. These are the “Branching Out Mitts” from Coastal Knits, which I received for Christmas last year. Over this past year, my best friend and I have become fascinated with the “bucket list” idea, though several years late for the movie, and have been working on creating ours. I’ve ended up with several craft-related ones on mine so far (yes, including “sew my own wedding dress,” though that would have been on there anyway even if I wasn’t currently planning my wedding!), and one of the things I’ve decided I’d like to do is to knit at least one project from every knitting book or magazine that I own. I liked several of the projects from this book so I’m sure I’ll be revisiting it, provided I can find good wool-free yarn options for some of those sweaters. The yarn is some that I purchased near the end of the summer, and it’s been very nice to work with so far. The biggest challenge has been trying to teach myself to knit with a second color within a pattern, and I’m hoping that I’m allowing enough slack for those little runner strings, or whatever they’re called, on the backside, since I do tend to knit rather tightly.

IMG_0284I set it aside for a super-simple scarf for Doug, to go with the hat that I made him for his birthday.  Now that it’s getting colder again, he requested one, and I have to take advantage of such rare opportunities. He’s flat-out admitted that I probably won’t ever be able to make clothes for him! He’s super-picky about comfort, and once he’s out of work, pretty much all he’ll wear are oversized t-shirts and black athletic pants. I’ve never seen him even wear jeans! (On the plus side, I won’t have to feel guilty that I’m sewing all clothes for myself and not for him, right?) Anyway, this is pretty much the perfect brainless tv knitting project, because it’s just knit 3 purl 3 rib. The hardest thing has been keeping track of the number of rows before I need to switch colors. And, well, the switching colors. Since that hat is pretty much the only striped thing I’d knit ever, and that was in the round, I’m honestly not sure if I’m doing this right. I’ve been tying the ends of the yarn together for now just to hold it together, and I have started knitting the tail of the new color into the scarf so that I have one less end to weave in later. But weaving in ends is something that doesn’t seem to work too well for me so far, and on the couple that I did do, I have little puffy yarn ends sticking out. I guess I’ll just trim those out with scissors, but I’m not sure how this is going to hold up in the long-term…any suggestions from you veterans?

I’ve been doing the alternating stripe widths on the black and the tan on purpose, so I can use up more of the other. My plan is basically to knit until one of the yarns, probably the green, runs out. Hurrah for stashbusting! (Hopefully it won’t be the black that runs out first, since I used the most of that in the hat.) And although he knows he’s getting this, since I’ve been knitting it right in front of him, I am still hopeful that I might finish this around Christmas so that he has it for the coldest part of the winter.

Not that I’ll be working on them today, because I have another day not scheduled at the shop. (Even though this time I have to work Saturday instead….boo. Oh well.) So today, other than my teaching, is all about muslin deconstruction!


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