A different test for the One Dress

Lace test- front

Lace test- back

I wanted to work on the dress some tonight, but I didn’t want to work in the basement, because I was cold. So I did this instead…
This is the real fabric! I took the swatch for the silk that I got from Fabric.com, and cut one of the lace motifs from the very edge of that fabric. I wanted to make sure that the edges of the flowers would be ok with that treatment, since the lace isn’t edged very well. But it looks like it’ll be fine.

And since this is the audience that would appreciate this sort of thing–the back. A little messy with the knots, but I’m quite proud of my hand-stitching!

According to the number of songs I got through on iTunes, stitching this one flower took me a little over an hour. Since I was planning on doing this all around the hem of the skirt….yeah, this is going to take awhile. Good thing I’m not doing a train.

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8 thoughts on “A different test for the One Dress

  1. The lace flower and hand stirching are very beautiful, from either side! You will have a lot of work with that, but I find that nothing is more relaxing than doing some hours of hand sewing while listening to some audio books or watching nice movies with “half an eye”. Maybe you will enjoy it!


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