A poll in which your vote actually counts!

With a Song in My Heart Cotton Jersey - Blue/Multi This adorable jersey knit is what I found at Gorgeous Fabrics today– I happened to glance at it since I noticed there’s a 25% off sale for today only. So since all of my fellow Americans are being told to vote anyway, I figured I’d run an unofficial poll (and see if I get any responses within the next two hours!) I should have known better…My stash guilt is warring with my desire for cute, colorful knits and my love for all things with a musical motif, so I’m leaving it up to you, the voters.

1. Should I buy this? Yes or No?

2. If you answered yes: Renfrew or pajamas?

Votes, if any, will be tallied by 10:30 Eastern Standard Time, because I’ll only have half an hour left to order if that’s the case.

(P.S. For the record, yes, I voted, mainly out of guilt from all of the women in years past who fought to give me the right to do so. But I’m not going to say who I voted for, because I hate political arguments and am equally apathetic towards both candidates.)

Edit, 10:51 pm: The people have spoken (all two of them–thanks!) and the results were unanimous– I should get it and make pjs! (Which is probably the better choice, since I am in need of some warm-weather pjs. I had about 2 sets for the entire summer.) Of course, by the time I noticed the time and got to it, there was only one yard left. And it cost more in shipping than the yard of fabric– I probably should have looked for something to coordinate, but there was no time. But anyway, the order is placed, so it’s mine.


9 thoughts on “A poll in which your vote actually counts!

  1. Yes, although to be honest, it was rather reluctant. I didn't care for either option and I'm a little bitter that the electoral college system means my vote basically doesn't count, since I don't live in a swing state.


  2. That did seem to be the thing! I'll have to come up with something to add for shorts or something, since I don't know how much I'll get out of one yard. Though the blurb did say that it was wide jersey….


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