secrets revealed

I mentioned in a couple of recent posts that I was sewing some baby shower gifts. Well, the shower was last Saturday, so now I can show what I made for my friend!

IMG_0053The first gift wasn’t really a surprise for her, to be honest. I’ve made this pattern before, maybe about a year or so before the blog, for my best friend from high school when she had her first child. I was telling this particular friend about what I was sewing, and she said that whenever she got married and had a baby, I’d have to make it for her, too, because she’s had pretty much a lifelong love affair with duckies. So this was straight out of a pattern, some old Simplicity one, I think. I definitely had an easier time sewing this one than the first time I made it, mostly due to the fact that I have a serger now and could reduce the little yellow bits that went everywhere!

And here she is, modeling the hoodie towel!

IMG_0051She wasn’t expecting the other gift, though! I thought it would be fun to continue the (very short) tradition of geeky baby bibs, and she’s been a huge Star Wars fan for pretty much as long as I’ve known her, which is since we were kids . My first thought was to attempt appliqueing Yoda onto something, since she loves the little green guy in particular, but I (thankfully) found this fabric on Spoonflower instead.

IMG_0052Check out the adorbs–that little Boba Fett jumping on the trampoline just KILLS me for some reason! And Han chasing Leia with a frog….awww. The fabric came with either a blue or a pink background, and we didn’t know what gender the baby is until the day of the shower,so I went with the blue.  It turns out she’s having a girl. I think she did it on purpose, because she’s like me and not the biggest fan of pink and didn’t want to get overloaded with it. But it’s ok, because I happen to know that blue is one of her favorite colors, and girls can like Star Wars too! Another friend (the one making the gift list next to her in the photo) and I turned this into a group gift, because she found a Darth Vader onesie and some plushy Star Wars toys, and we stuck those and the bibs in a lunch box. The mom-to-be was pretty amused.

So there you have it– my last pre-dress finished sewing projects!


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