Closet Challenge Update, weeks 4+

What I’ve learned so far: It is very difficult for me to motivate myself to take outfit pictures of myself. Probably largely due to not really having a good place to do so/lack of time until after dark. Plus I’ve honestly felt that I need a me-made garment to make the photos interesting, since this IS primarily a sewing blog….and I honestly don’t have as many me-mades for the fall/winter so I do rely more heavily on thrifted clothes than I would have to in the spring and summer. And so I’m just combining the last couple of weeks (thus the 4+), with the really crappy self-timer photos that I did manage to get while crammed up in the corner of my horribly messy bedroom. (And putting them in collage form to minimize the crappiness. Half the time, I can’t even get both my head AND my feet entirely in, because of lack of space to set the camera up in.)

Weeks 4-6
So, in no particular order of days:
1. My convertible dress, which I attempted to fall-ify on a still warmish day with a brown cardigan. It works for mint chocolate chip stuff, right?
2. (Can you tell this is the one shot I had a photographer for?) A pre-blog leaf-embroidered me-made skirt and a thrifted top. And, of course, the boots!
3. I’ve been having trouble fitting in my 3/4-sleeved stuff lately, because it went straight from too hot to too cold (for me). So this is me warm-ifying my Chevron Blouse with the Junior Mints jacket.
4. Another fall-ifying attempt, this time with my sleeveless ModCloth dress refashion, worn over a black knit top and somewhat-refashioned thrifted grey pants.
5. This one is basically just to show off how well my latest knitting project goes with my vintage leather jacket!
6. I’ve mostly worn this outfit before– my Painter Blouse with my trouser jeans, since it’s pretty much the only pants I own that will go with that aren’t way too monochromatic for my taste (i.e. grey or brown). I prefer this top with regular jeans, but that doesn’t quite work for teaching purposes, since I do try to maintain an artsy-professional image for that. The belt, which I thrifted awhile ago, is a new addition, and I think it’s a huge improvement, because that one change makes it look so much more pulled-together! It’s amazing the difference that accessories can make, isn’t it?

Also, can you tell I’m trying to offset the too-shortness of all of my pants by wearing more flats? 😛

In order to better inform my AD sewing (After Dress!), I realized that I should probably also be tracking things that I wished I had in my outfits from week to week/things that would make some of my pieces less orphany. So I’m going to be making an ongoing list that I’ll add to as needed.

  1. Royal blue Clovers (or a similar style, if that particular pattern doesn’t work for me), as stated here.
  2. A cropped fitted black vest (while wearing some black purchased pinstriped pants and a gifted plain coral blouse. I wanted something bright because it was a dreary day, but the outfit was just a bit boring and it was too warm for jacket layers. Incidentally, that loop scarf I finished recently probably would have looked great, but it was too warm for a scarf too.)
  3. Pants, in general. I’ve noticed that the outfits I’ve been liking from week to week tend to be based either on skirts or jeans. Now, the jeans I’m ok with, because that’s totally my weekend wear. And the skirts were ok for most of this month so far–except for last week, it was pretty warm still. As it gets colder, I know I’m going to want to wear pants. And, well, I only own about two pairs of pants that I really like, and once it gets colder, I think that loose-fitting linen pants will be out. I don’t like the way most of my store-bought pants look or fit on me, so I think I tend to find those outfits boring. I predict a Thurlow binge in my (somewhat distant) future. Especially given that I have fabric for at least 5 pairs of pants!
  4. Not so much a “want” as a “need”, but I could probably use another cold-weather solid-colored top or two that coordinates with black, due to the usual dress code of sorts for worship team at church. I have about two, and have been relying very heavily on my little collection of corduroy jackets (and the limited acceptable options that I have to wear underneath them) to make it work. Now for this, I might have to suck it up and go to the thrift store. 
  5. I can’t make this, but I find myself wanting a pair of grey boots. Something kind of like this (though I wish it was a lighter grey!) But that’s going to have to wait, since finding shoes that fit is no small investment for me, and therefore I have to consider shoe purchases very carefully. 

I guess the other question is, aside from the pants, what I actually have fabric for….I still have a lot of stash to bust!

    4 thoughts on “Closet Challenge Update, weeks 4+

    1. I don't know how fashion bloggers do it. I love the Me-Made months but the constant posing wears me down. You have some super cute outfits there – I esp. like the red belted one.


    2. It's really hard to take pictures in the wintertime with the lack of natural daylight. I really like your Modcloth top and the colour combinaiton in your first outfit is great.


    3. I wonder the same thing about fashion bloggers! Usually by the end of a me-made month, I'm totally dragging my feet. But at the same time, I (obviously) need the practice with taking better outfit photos. And thanks!


    4. It's hard to take pictures in my house and get good lighting, period! And thanks–I think I've gotten over my feeling bad about chopping up that Modcloth dress, because I've already worn it way more often than I ever managed in its dress incarnation.


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