The Ultimate Frosting Project–here we go!

Bodice pieces 2
That’s right, I’m finally starting on my wedding dress! At least, the muslin for it. Ok, so all I’ve actually done so far is trace out the bodice pattern. Allison suggested that it might help my mental state to break the project down into more manageable chunks, so I’m focusing just on the bodice for now.

My ultimate  plan is actually to muslin it twice–the first time strictly for fit, and the second time to go with the rest of the dress/test out the boning and my idea for the lace in the back. I picked up some cheaper, much-less-cool lace and some polyester nude organza at Joann’s awhile back to play with that. The slightly more practical reason for starting with just the bodice is that this way, I can start right away with making sure the seamlines of the skirt will line up with the seamlines and darts of the bodice, once I know the bodice will work. Less tracing that way, and less chance of my running out of paper…in retrospect, I probably should have ordered some along with the waxed tracing paper that I finally managed to acquire, thanks to A Fashionable Stitch! Oh well…. I still need to get some silk thread, and they have a pretty good price on that at Nancy’s Notions, so maybe I’ll pick up a new roll of paper there while I’m at it.

Bodice pieces 1 As a reminder, I’m using the Sewaholic Cambie pattern for the bodice, down through the waistband. (Which, incidentally, I’ve decided to leave white and incorporate color with a sash. For one thing, it’ll make the back more interesting to look at, and for another thing, that way I won’t get held up by waiting to see what we end up doing for bridesmaid dresses. More on that later in the post.) I knew from working on the Lonsdale dress that an FBA was going to be necessary. Since I’m also planning on making some changes to the back of the pattern, I figured my best bet would be to trace the pattern and go from there. I already did the FBA adjustment (took this picture beforehand) and it’s….interesting looking. But if initial test of pinning the dart together and holding the pattern up to myself is any indication, this might actually work to give it the extra shaping that I need. And hey, bizarre-looking pattern pieces did the trick for my jeans, right? I did take some pictures throughout the process, so if this ends up working, I just might do a tutorial on an FBA for the Cambie.

According to my couture gown studies, the next step I need to do is to add the stitching lines to the pattern. Maybe I can squeeze that in this morning–I’m going to meet my sis-in-law and another friend for brunch, I need to pick up some paint (for my future sewing room!) and then I’m going down to Doug’s to help him paint the kitchen, since we’d already decided to do that first, while waiting for a furniture delivery.

So about those bridesmaid dresses….apparently trying to find actually-wearable-again bridesmaid dress ideas that aren’t your typical overpriced dresses made of cheap polyester taffeta is harder than I’d thought. My original thought, which the girls were interested in, was to do those infinity-style wrap dresses. But after narrowing it down to a couple of Etsy shops that seemed to have a good selection of greens and decent pricing, I discovered that one shop was basically shutting down for the fall/winter and not accepting any more orders, and the swatches that I got from the second were basically swimsuit fabric. Since I can’t in good conscience make my girls wear shiny spandex (although my best friend/maid of honor and I had a few good laughs about it), it’s time to go to plan B. So the current thought is to have them all get whatever black dress they want and add some green accessories. Which may mean sewing a few more sashes for me, as long as they don’t pick empire-waist type stuff (not so flattering with a sash), or it may mean jewelry. We’ll see what their thoughts are.

I’m kind of torn about jewelry, actually. Part of me wants to make the jewelry for all four of us, but part of me wonders if that’s biting off more than I can chew. I do have some earrings that I can use for myself (recently splurged at a friend’s party, since the sale running meant I could get these for half off!) but I wonder if I should go with green jewelry to help tie that in a little better. But I guess I shouldn’t worry about that quite yet, huh?


3 thoughts on “The Ultimate Frosting Project–here we go!

  1. It looks good as far as I can tell. And it is a good idea to break a project down in chunks, once I broke it down to stuff like “overlock”, “sew side seams” etc. It was very helpful when time was limited, I could easily see what the next step was.


  2. I agree with your friend– it's a great idea to cut a big project down to bite-sized chunks! You seem pretty sane and calm right now, so that's good! I'm looking forward to seeing this dress so much!


  3. Bite-sized chunks are great!
    For Bridesmaid dresses, if you really wanted to go with the Infinity dresses, think about having a crafty friend make them up. From cutting to wearing mine took me an hour with a knit… I can't imagine too much more than that if you had to go with a woven!

    On another note, your me-made-month posts are inspiring me to take baby steps in that direction… Thanks!


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