hitting the books

IMG_0264I’m close enough now to being done with the secret baby gift that I’ve decided it’s way past time that I did something related to that wedding dress thing! So even though I could probably finish said secret gift if I just sat down and did it, here’s my plan for the rest of the evening instead: I’m going to finish my cup of tea, I’m going to get a shower, and I’m going to curl up with a Craftsy video or two (and maybe my actual reference books) to mentally prepare myself to start the muslin. Given how stressed out I’m becoming over not having started the dress yet, I think it will be good for me. Besides, Tuesday is my longest workday, so curling up with some books (and a laptop) sounds way more appealing than sitting in front of my sewing machine right now!

(There may be more tea involved, too.)


10 thoughts on “hitting the books

  1. I can definitely say that for me, taking the first step to physically getting started was the hardest. Now that I've done it, I'm really fired up to keep going – and the process actually seems less daunting. What is your deadline for the dress?


  2. My wedding isn't until June, but my goal is to get the dress done by the beginning of March. Since my retail job is at a garden center, and I got promoted out of necessity to head cashier/office manager this past year, spring is the busiest work season for me. This past spring, I was working 6 days most weeks and still teaching most weekday evenings, and barely got any sewing time in (as you can tell from those couple of months on here), so I think it will be much better for my sanity to just have the dress out of the way by then! (Besides, if I do get sewing time, then I might be able to make some cute clothes for the honeymoon! 😉


  3. If you're getting overwhelmed, can you cut it into chunks? Right now I'm working on a massive winter coat, and I'm only focused on getting the side seams and zipper in place. Then I'll only deal with the wrist zippers.

    I liked the craftsy couture dress class, but I found after a while it was information overload. I ended up having to stop for a while so my brain could absorb all the information.



  4. Truthfully, the overwhelmed feeling is more of an “ohmygosh it's the end of September and I haven't even started altering the pattern yet”! I was hoping maybe I'd have time to trace out the bodice pattern today, as insurance against the fitting changes I know I'll need to make, but time wasn't in my favor. Maybe tomorrow. And thanks for the well-wishes!


  5. I definitely like Donna's idea of breaking it into chunks of work. I do like my “to-do” lists but if they get too long, I get overwhelmed and don't do anything!!

    I really love the Susan Khalje course – I haven't sewn a dress yet but I like her teaching style and I think you learn alot just by watching.


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