Closet challenge update

A few of last week’s outfits.
This one was from last Monday, featuring the “White Stripes” top and the “Blue Suede(cloth)” skirt. It was on the warmish side, so sandals were definitely in order, but I was in the mood for a more fallish skirt. Taking pics of myself didn’t work so well for this one–you’ll have to take my word for it that there’s also a camisole under that blouse. I wore this one for some teaching.


This one was from last Wednesday–it was pretty warm when I left the retail job, so I threw on the “Green and Gray” dress for the lesson I had to teach. I was going out with Doug afterwards to grab dinner, and noticed it was getting cooler, so I swapped out the sandals I was wearing for the boots, and threw on the (store-bought) denim jacket, rolling up the sleeves because it wasn’t quite that much cooler. My jewelry is still kind of summery, though, since it’s featuring abalone shell in the pendants. I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve styled this dress a a layered look rather than just a dress, and I kind of like it with the jacket. (I also think Doug does a way better job of taking the pictures than I do on my own!)

Incidentally, I really would like to revisit this dress pattern sometime, but with a longer sleeve to take it into the fall/winter. If the yardage is right, I may already actually have two different combos of print and solid knits that would work in the stash!

I had another outfit I was pretty happy with, featuring the new jeans, but I can’t show it yet–I wore it for our engagement photos and I don’t have them back yet!


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