A mending experiment

I made a sad discovery last Saturday morning. (I meant to post this last week, but it kind of got away from me.) As you can see from my last post, I wore a brown shirt that day. My original plan was to wear my Engagement shirt, since it was supposed to still get pretty warm that afternoon, but then I found this when I was about to put it on:

IMG_0006Holes! Four of them, right in the lower back! I’m not sure if this snagged on something in the wash or what. But this made me very sad, because I’d only worn this about twice so far!

I had other sewing plans for that morning, but I decided to try and fix this first, lest it end up sitting under my bed with holes in it for months and I forget all about it until next summer. (Now that I think about it, immediate mending is probably a better strategy for me in general.)

I’ve mended jersey knits before. The problem is, you still see it. And one of those holes is particularly large for this type–pretty close to a full 1/8″ in diameter. So I decided to try a little experiment to minimize that as much as possible.
IMG_0007I ironed a little bit of double-sided fusible onto a scrap leftover from the shirt–fortunately for me, I hadn’t emptied the trash by my sewing machine since I made it! (Incidentally, I think the problem might be with the fabric itself, because the scrap had holes too. Yikes.)

IMG_0008Invisible patch!! Then I just cut around that piece and fused it to the wrong side of the fabric over the holes.


It’s not perfect. I was afraid that just ironing the fabric on would make it fall off again the first time I watched it. So I did secure it with some hand-stitching as well. The biggest hole (all the way to the right) is still kind of obvious. But the smaller holes ended up pretty well-hidden, I think. Hopefully it will stay.

I have been doing some sewing lately, but it’s a gift project, so I can’t share it yet. I’m hoping I can finish that up in the next day or so, because I’m getting very antsy that I haven’t started The Dress yet! I also got as far as I could on said gift project on Friday night– I was having a Once Upon A Time/craft marathon with my best friend so she could get caught up before the season premiere next weekend. So I also did a little scrapbook work (trimming page protectors to allow access to pockets and the mini-albums I like to make on pages that I have a lot of photos for). And I even attempted to start knitting that afghan that I want to make, with a modification that I liked even better. The bad news is, I discovered that the needles I’d bought, which is what it called for in the pattern, are too big to make a good afghan–they’re just way too big for the yarn I ended up with. The good news is, turns out I was doing the background for the trees wrong anyway, so unraveling it wasn’t a huge loss. I guess knowing that I need to buy smaller circular needles is still progress, right?

Which leads me to the question…I’m trying to figure out what on earth I should work on when tv-watching with the fiance over the next several months, because it sure isn’t going to be The Dress. So I’ve been debating whether I should knit some simpler/smaller stuff like hats and handwarmers, or work on catching up on some scrapbook type stuff. They both have their pros and cons–knitting doesn’t need a whole lot of stuff out, but following the patterns would mean that both the shows and Doug would get less attention. Scrapbooking takes way more stuff, but writing aside, it would be more of a brainless thing, I think. (And I’m probably way more behind on that, so catching up some would be a pro….but then, I have to take the time to match a bunch of papers to my printed photos, so that’s a con.) Hmm.


4 thoughts on “A mending experiment

  1. I've actually tried a little before! But I've discovered that I only have the patience for it if I have a very specific design in mind for a garment that I'll never get any other way.


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