My closet challenge: Evaluating what I have

Early fall in the mid-Atlantic, for those of you who don’t live here, is a really odd time for dressing. The mornings and evenings are getting cooler, but the later mornings and afternoons are basically still full-blown summer. And I find myself wanting to wear colors that are more fall-ish, but it’s just way too hot to wear most of the things I have in those typical fall colors!  I had some (overdue) laundry to put away anyway, so I figured while I’m at it, I’d go through my closet and see what I currently have in there–I’ll definitely have some turnover as it gets colder, since most of my short-sleeved and sleeveless stuff will go into hiding under the bed, but I’m challenging myself to fall-ify what’s still out.

There are a few exceptions, because some of these clothes just scream SUMMER!!! at me. You know, stuff like the gauzy white maxi-skirt that is literally embellished with real seashells that I got at the beach one year. And out of my me-made stuff, things like my Sea Flowers, Dahlia, Lonsdale and Georgian on my Mind dresses just look way more springy-summery to me. But there’s a few summer things that I want to challenge myself to style more fallish–things like the convertible dress, and the Mony Monet dress (playing off the blacks and the more olive green could help, I think). I’m thinking the Titania dress could look potentially really cute with tights and my favorite cable-loaded brown cardigan. I’m wondering if there’s anything I can do with the rarely-worn-but-I-still-like-it-too-much-to-get-rid-of-it Morning Glory dress, or if that’s pushing it…

I still have yet to drag out the stuff under the bed and add some more fallish things. I’m not quite ready to drag out all of the cold-weather stuff yet! But after pulling out those aforementioned summer-screaming items, and putting in a few things that never quite made it under the bed with the rest of the fall/winter clothes because of extra time spent mending/making/reconstructing them, this is what I noticed:

blue/green skirts1. You can tell what my two favorite colors are. Because I found five knee-length skirts that are all basically the same shades of blue and green–yeah, one of them is just embellishment on black, and the sunflower skirt looks different because of all the white, but those other 3 are rather similar, aren’t they? (I ended up adding the palm leafy one to the thrift store pile, because I’m more attached to the right-most one, which I made, and the middle one gets worn more often.) And I really don’t need 3 nearly identically-colored knee length printed skirts. Especially since I also have a long one that’s also almost those same colors!

Blue jacketsI am, however, claiming that I need all 4 of these blue jackets. Including those two corduroy jackets that I made. After all, one is more teal, cropped and wide-wale and one is slightly more navy with a peplum, and that makes a difference, right?

2. I have a LOT of t-shirts. Admittedly, I have a weakness for t-shirts that are either music-related, or clever plays on my favorite geeky things like Lord of the Rings or Doctor Who. Discovering did not help this at all.  I am a jeans and t-shirt girl at heart, and I don’t feel the need to change that, so I would like to find ways to style those shirts in a more fashionable way! (At least on the weekends, because though teaching music means I can get away with a lot more than I could in an office setting, I do draw the professionalism line at wearing Princess Bride quotes on my shirt.

3. I also have a LOT of prints. There’s been some discussion around as of late about sewing with solids rather than prints, for greater versatility. And I can see the point. But I just love prints, and I know I’d get bored if I just did solids all the time! (Especially knowing that The Dress is going to be solids, and I’ll be working with those for quite awhile!) So the logical step for me, then, is to get braver about mixing prints! With that in mind, I present my outfit from this past Wednesday:
9-12-12 outift shot
The cardigan is one of the few things I’d already grabbed for fall near the end of the summer–hey, look, I finally own something that’s really from Anthropologie! (Clearance rack, which was the only way I could afford it, and I know I can’t knit this myself at this point. Possibly ever, because it’s made from an extremely thin yarn and those usually only come in wool.) I actually bought this to wear for the engagement photos we’re getting taken, along with a sleeveless ivory tank to wear under it. I’d already figured I’d wear my brand-new me-made jeans to finish off the outfit! But I also noticed that, color-wise, this went very, very well with my sunflower skirt, so I couldn’t resist trying it out! Look at me, wearing white after Labor Day! Such a rebel.

9-15-12 outfit shot4. I’m very seasonal in my color choices. In spring and summer, I tend to wear a lot of blues and greens and bright things. When the weather starts turning, I turn to browns and purples and olive greens and such. I’ve also noticed that my winter colors tend to be very dark and dull, and I’d like to change that, because winter is dark and dull enough on its own. But we’ll see how I do this year, given that I’m not buying anything. But for this exhibit, here’s my outfit from Saturday, taken at a family function. I’ve been experimenting with wearing this jacket, which I love but it has a somewhat difficult neckline, in other ways. Like as an actual jacket layer instead of fully snapped up and functioning as a top. I also made the tank top (my Sadie top) and the jewelry. (And look, you finally get to meet my fiance! Though one person commented on this picture, which the cousin who took it posted on Facebook, that he looks more like my bodyguard here…)

Anyway, I’ve been having fun with this challenge so far. Meanwhile, on the sewing front, I’ve been working hard to make a baby gift as quickly as possible so I can start working on The Dress for real! (Though my sewing time got a little interrupted by a sudden need for mending. More on that later.)


3 thoughts on “My closet challenge: Evaluating what I have

  1. This weather is difficult! I love your print mix outfit and your post makes me think I should evaluate my wardrobe (there's probably a lot I don't really wear or wear but don't like). But that will be for another day.


  2. Thanks! Though, now that I think about it, I probably should have asked him if posting this pic was ok….oh well, he was fine with me using his name when I asked him about that.


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