So this means I sort of started the dress, right?

The one perk of having to take off of my retail job to get round one of my dental surgery: Not having to rush around to get ready for work in the morning meant that I had time to deal with the next step of the wedding dress process.
fabricSo here it is….that’s 16 yards of various silk fabric, washed and on the line. There’s 2 yards of organza for underlining the bodice and particularly the sheer lace bits to give them extra strength (those parts will have to be dyed to more of a skin tone, I think), 4 yards of crepe de chine for the lining, 6 yards of habotai for full dress underlining/Doug’s tie/whatever other green bits I have to dye, and 4 yards of dupioni for the outside of the dress. I know those lining/outer yardages don’t sound like much, but I was able to get all but the habotai at 60″ wide, which is cool because then I didn’t have to buy as much. Of course, I also have 5 yards of that sunflower lace, not pictured here, which leaves me with a whopping 21 yards of fabric for one dress! I shudder to think of what I’d end up with if I was actually doing a train!

The awesome thing is, so far, I’ve been able to keep the cost just under $300, which is pretty good! (And that’s including stuff like my Cambie pattern and my copy of Bridal Couture.) I’ve also gotten some spiral steel boning from Etsy, which hopefully won’t be too hard to use. I will still need to get notions like a zipper and the finest gauge sewing machine needles I can find and thread (you’d be surprised how often I don’t have white thread). But after all that, unless disaster strikes, I think I can still keep this under $350, for a custom-designed, custom-fitted, all-silk wedding dress. Thank you, Mom, for teaching me how to sew!

(Now I just need to start that muslin… I have one baby gift to make with a mid-October shower deadline, and was hoping to start actually sewing on that today so I can knock it out and get on the dress. But then when I knew I’d have extra hours after the dental work, I wasn’t counting on having to keep one hand tied up with keeping an ice pack on my face. Rats.)


12 thoughts on “So this means I sort of started the dress, right?

  1. @Gail That's what I was thinking–it was highly recommended both in my Bridal Couture and my Couture Sewing Techniques books. I just need to figure out where to buy it–it's not something that gets carried at the only (chain) fabric store in the area!


  2. holy cow… that's very cool to see that much yardage just hanging out pre transformation.

    by the way, saw your thoughts on to blog or not to blog the other day, but i was on a tiny phone. i guess i feel like you have such a handle on sewing there's nothing i could add!!!

    but let me add two cents anyways: if you change your blogger settings to embed comments, you can reply directly to comments. i don't know why, but that format seems to set the stage for discussion…


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