a funny story and a fashion "diet"

I ended up at two parties over the weekend. The first was dinner out with 5 of my long-time friends–most of us have known each other since we were in the 4th grade, and I’ve been friends with one of them practically our whole lives. And though we’re past the 10-year reunion stage of high school (even though my class didn’t have one), most of us are now married and a couple of us have kids, we’ve still stayed friends and get together at least a couple of times a year.  This particular occasion was to send off one of the girls to England, where she’ll be living for the next 16 months while she works on a masters’ degree for architecture–exciting stuff! This was also the first time, other than parties that involved people outside of this particular circle as well, that we brought the guys along. (Mainly because a couple of them hadn’t met Doug yet and wanted to.) During the course of the evening, the topic of redecorating his townhouse came up, as well as my future sewing room. And Doug said something along the lines of “I don’t really care how she decorates it, as long as I can’t see that headless Satan doll” (meaning Donna the Dress Form). So then there was all sorts of joking about how I could add a head to it to make it less creepy for him, including a hockey mask–Doug LOVES hockey.

The next day, I was surprised by an engagement party at my future in-laws’! One of the same girls was there, along with her husband, and this is the card they came up with:


My friends are so creative. 🙂

So about that fashion diet…I’ve been seeing a lot of chatter around the blogosphere about fall sewing plans. Which is awesome–though my favorite season is summer, I do love the autumn, too. At least, until everything’s dead and it starts getting really cold and basically acting like winter. I’m particularly fond of Sunni’s Everyday Wardrobe plan/sewalong of sorts. So for all of you in the northern hemisphere who have fall sewing plans lined up, or just ideas, I’m cheering you on from the sidelines!

As for me, I’m feeling a teensy bit left out. I know I brought this on myself by choosing to sew my wedding dress, and I don’t regret that. After all, this particular sewing project was pretty much the only wedding-related thing I wanted to do even back when I was a kid and boys still had cooties.  But the point is, I don’t have time to sew any new clothes for the fall/winter, other than the jeans I just finished. That makes me a little sad.

At the same time, I don’t have much of the option to buying new things, either. I’ve gotten by well for years on no health insurance, but now I have some appointments that I can’t procrastinate on until after the wedding, including a 2-part dental surgery that starts later this week. I’ll have to pay for it out of pocket. I got a card that allows me to put it on a payment plan, but I have to pay it off within the next year to avoid the killer interest fees and would greatly prefer to pay it off before the wedding, period. In other words, the money is going to be pretty tight for awhile.

I was also thinking that it might be nice to blog about some things other than The Dress for the next several months as I’m going through the fitting/construction phases. Otherwise, once I hit the hand-sewing bits, things could get very quiet around here for awhile. And an acquaintance of mine that I’m following on Pinterest recently linked this blog post about the writer’s personal challenge to create several months’ worth of outfits out of only things she already had in her closet. So that, and a dull day at work (the same one that inspired my post on blog commenting) spawned an idea for a self-challenge of my own. So here goes:

From now until the time I finish The Dress (estimating 6 months), I’m challenging myself to use only things I already have in my wardrobe to create as many varied outfits as possible. I’m also hoping to pick a couple outfits a week to feature on here–they may not always be me-made clothes, but there’s a pretty good chance there will be something I made in there. I figure this way I can fill out my Flickr slideshows, find some new ways to wear some of my handmade stuff, pare down the amount of stuff in my closet to only the things I really love, and hopefully improve my outfit photo-taking skills! So to practice, I did take a picture of today’s outfit, even though I didn’t make any of the clothes….I hope you don’t mind that I’m going a little more fashion-bloggy here!


 Pants: purchased
Top: Thrifted
Belt: Modcloth
Shoes: the same brown sandals I wore for most of Me-Made-May
Earrings: me-made. I know they don’t show up too well in the photo (the sun was going down by the time I got home from teaching), but they’re goldstone beads.

I got this top (actually a very short dress) years ago with the intent to slightly refashion it to a shorter top. Then I just threw it on as is one day and liked it, especially with the belt option. What I like about this outfit: It looks very fallish, but was still comfortable for warmer temperatures–though we’re finally down into the 70s, which is nice! And it’s nice to know the pants don’t look too short when not paired with boots. (Though these are still ones I’m planning on replacing with some me-mades, once I can…the fabric is getting a bit worn to the point where I’m in danger of tears anyway, and I already have some brown fabric in my stash!) What I don’t like so much about it is that I wonder if it’s too monochromatic. Some royal blue Clovers might look pretty good with this, don’t you think?


2 thoughts on “a funny story and a fashion "diet"

  1. That is a cool card – those are some awesome friends! And I think that's a great idea about switching it up and featuring how to use the clothes you already have in your closet. It's like a more expanded Me-Made-Month featuring all your current resources. I know I'll take inspiration from that 🙂


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