wedding hair

Since much of my wedding seems to be going the handmade route, I thought it might be fun to occasionally do a post about a detail that isn’t my dress. (Which, as of this week, I have most of the fabric for but have yet to start even muslining.) Although, this one does involve the dress just a bit. And I didn’t make this, but someone did, and we all love Etsy and supporting handmade artists, right?

Early in the process, I asked my friend Nicole, who is a very talented artist, if she would consider doing some artwork for the invitations. (She’d told me about a year prior to this that she’d designed some wedding invitations for another friend of hers.) Not only did she agree to that, she’s good at styling hair (unlike me, who can barely get my hair to stay in a ponytail), and also offered to do my hair for the big day! So a couple of weekends ago, we spent a day fiddling with my hair and having a marathon viewing of Downton Abbey. (And of course all we got up to is right to where I’d stopped in season 2 before… I’d better hurry up and finish it before all of my other favorites start back up for fall! Especially since Doctor Who already started again as of last night! But I digress.)

Because of what I decided to do with the back of the Cambie, an updo is pretty much necessary to even see that detail–my hair, as you know, is long enough to cover that completely if I even leave it half-down! She came up with a neat hairstyle that looked good from all sides, and that we both liked. We’ll probably need to practice it again at some point before the wedding, since my hair is rather slippery. But I’m glad we started this process so early, because it helped me make a rather important decision about the accessories: I’m not going to wear a veil. I was kind of having trouble envisioning one on me anyway, and if Nicole is going to all the trouble of styling my hair, I want it to be seen! But I still wanted some kind of special accessory.

So this is what I ordered instead:
Bridal hair Flowers, Petite bridal hair accessories,  Bridal hair piece, Silk, Bridal hair pins, Set of 2, SWAROVSKI crystals, Summer I found these at Fiber & Stone on Etsy. I instantly loved them, as Nicole and I were scouring Etsy for potential accessories, because they’re simple but elegant, and they fit nicely with my sunflowery theme! Her service was really quick, too– I ordered these on Sunday and they arrived in the mail on Friday. They’re just as I envisioned: not too big, but not so small that they’ll get lost in my hair, and the edges of the petals seem to be finished very nicely! So I’m rather excited to be able to use them– I’m also hoping I can come up with some different things to do with them after the wedding, too, since this is hands-down the most expensive hair accessory I’ve ever bought! (I’m also excited to be able to cross one thing off of my list, and not have to worry about making this particular detail.)

A couple more potential decisions have been made that would involve not-by-me handmade stuff, but I’ll save those for later (when final decisions have been made) except for one thing: I actually recently won a giveaway on Madalynne for a voucher to Esty Lingerie. I still need to sit down and scour through the website and decide what to get. So many choices…. but thanks again, Madalynne!


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