Random thoughts

First off–thanks for the kind words about the scarf! That was pretty different for me, but it was fun to make.

Second off–once again, not being able to do a craft compelled me to add to my stash. I spent part of the weekend and yesterday at the beach with my family. And while we were there, my mom/aunts/yarn-crafty cousins decided they wanted to check out this cute little local yarn shop. So this is what I brought home. The greenish one on the left (really more of a green-blue mix) is Chacabuco Multy from Araucania Yarn–it’s exciting because it’s from Chile, which I’ve actually been to, and it’s hand-dyed, and it’s cotton. You have no idea how exciting it is for me to find hand-dyed cotton, since I can actually use it! The brown and blue are Milky Whey by Kollage Yarns, and it’s a super-soft soy/milk blend. I’m excited to have some new-to-me wool-free yarns to play with! And I think going to the store was inspiring for others in my family too. One of my cousins decided that she wanted to give knitting a shot, so we got her some cheap needles and yarn and I taught her how to make the knit stitch. She seemed to be getting the hang of that pretty well by the time I had to leave to come home (had to work today, boo), so I’m excited to see if she sticks with it!

I already have projects in mind for both of these yarns. I’m thinking the Whittier Hat from last fall’s KnitScene for the Chacabuco, and I specifically bought the Milky Whey to try out the Branching Out fingerless gloves from Coastal Knits. My best friend and I have been making bucket lists lately, and I have several sewing/crafty-related items on mine. One of the things I added was to knit at least one project from every knitting magazine or book that I own. And since I didn’t really have stuff for either of these publications yet, that means I’m justified in buying the yarn, right?

As for that background….several yards of dupioni silk that arrived yesterday. Guess I’m committed to that wedding dress thing. Or, as it’s gotten dubbed by some of my geekier friends and family, the “One Dress To Rule Them All.”  So now I have the lace and the outer fabric taken care of, and I just need to get some underlinings and linings. And bodice support stuff.

Between the beach and some wedding-related stuff, there hasn’t been much sewing going on in the last several days! But I did get the basting in the jeans ripped out, at least, so now they’re ready to sew together for real.

One thought on “Random thoughts

  1. I love those colours. Which reminds me, I love most of your colours (not that I could remember some I did not like from the top of my head…).

    And good, you have your fabric!

    Bucket lists: good idea about making at least one project from each magazine you own. If I ever find out I own a magazine (or book!) I do not want to make a single project from, I should get rid of it…


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