learning experiences

Remember this project?

As of tonight, I’m calling it quits. It is one skein of yarn away from being completely frogged. I was attempting to work on it while watching some tv with Doug earlier tonight, spent two entire episodes of Community trying to fix one spot where it looked like I’d accidentally added a stitch several rows back, made it look completely terrible, ended up crying a little out of sheer frustration, and then deciding I was done with this project. Really, seeing how I started it back in April, and only got through two skeins of yarn in what was supposed to be a relatively easy knitting project, especially compared to the Camille shrug, I should have known something was off with it.

Now that I’m a little calmer, I’m thinking that this was probably for the best. The shape of it was kind of tent-like, and I’ve been having to work so hard to try and make it a shape that I’d like better, when I probably would have been better off just starting with a project more suited to the shape and style of tops that I like better. Also, the lace panel would have meant that I’d have to layer it. And since summers around here tend to be hot and humid–last summer was a record-breaker in that department here, and this one is not far behind–the less layering I have to do, the better. So I’m going to finish unraveling it, and give the yarn a rest.  And from a learning perspective, I did successfully add shaping without instructions, even though I’ll never know now how it actually would have fit. And I did start teaching myself to do continental-style knitting, which I think might help with the wrist issues. I’m feeling fairly comfortable with it for knitting, at least–it remains to be seen how this goes with purling!

I’m not sure how much time I’ll have to knit in the next several months anyway, since I’ll have The Dress, plus a few other crafty wedding DIYs to take care of, if you’re interested in hearing about those as I do them! But if I do have knitting time, I think I’m going to concentrate on finishing up a few in-progress things–I have a scarf about halfway done to use up the yarn from my Counterpoint Hat, and a cowl I was making for a friend to use up some of the leftover yarn from the Cadence sweater. If I have time to knit after that, I’ll just work on some handwarmers and things of that sort. Doug likes to keep his house on the chilly side, so I’m going to need those little knitted accessories!

And hopefully, once the dust settles from all of this, I’ll have a better idea of what to do with 6 balls of purple hemp yarn.

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