midweek musings

  • I’m trying something new with my sewing this week, in the name of just getting something done, darnit!! So I’m just trying to do one sewing-related task a day. Yesterday, I got my real jeans all cut out! Well, the wearable test, anyway. But they’re denim. (Monday, all I got done was laying the denim out on the table. But it’s one less thing I had to do yesterday, so it still counts!) I actually have enough left that I just might be able to squeeze out a pair of shorts, after The Dress. Which is good, because I have been seriously hurting for a lack of shorts that fit this summer, denim or otherwise.
  • I really need to get my remnants and scraps better organized, so I can find cooler pocket fabric next time. All I could find in the 5 minutes before Craft Wars started, that I was certain I had enough of to cut all of the pocket pieces, was a solid. Oh well….this is still basically only a test.
  • The wedding is 10 months from today! Which brings me to…
  • I have a plan now for all of my wedding dress fabrics! Except for the green bit. But at least I know where to order from now. Bonus– I discovered that the Dharma Trading Co. fabrics, while not a good color for the outside, don’t change the color a bit as underlinings and linings. So I can save myself some money there!
  • Since I’ve got that part figured out, other than purchasing, my mental energy during the slow times at work has been far more occupied with sewing rooms. That’s right–I’m getting my own sewing room! My fiance is rather generous, isn’t he? I’m thinking of going with a turquoise & coral color scheme–something really bright and happy, so I’ll feel energized and creative! So I’ve been pondering various solutions for how I’m going to fit all of my fabric, my sewing machines, a cutting table, all of the other various tools, my yarn, my scrapbook stuff, and my beads into one room. It’s a good thing Doug likes organization challenges, because I am a walking one…

 And so this isn’t an entirely picture-less post, look what came in today! This prettiness is going to be my future kitchen curtain! He already had the bright green on the main wall in there, and really likes it. And I’ve always wanted a sunflower-themed kitchen. So this was the perfect compromise fabric. I wouldn’t be stockpiling home dec fabrics so soon, except I was kind of afraid this one would get sold out before next year. But one accent curtain shouldn’t take me too terribly long to finish up. After The Dress, of course.

Ok, off to grab some dinner and catch up on some blogs, since it looks like all of the rest of you have been way more productive than me this summer!

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