Muslins, muslins everywhere…

….and not a project to show! Seriously, everything is in that completely not safe for work zone. Or safe for public consumption, period. But I actually have made some progress, so I figured you all wouldn’t mind if I at least talk about it a little, right?

First off, the Lonsdale dress. Long story short, I have to start over completely on the muslin stage. I thought I was being all smart–after double-checking my measurements, I figured that since it looks like I fit perfectly into a size 10 at the bust and a size 6 at the waist and hips, I could just cut it as a 10 at the top and grade down those two sizes and it would work. WRONG. It was so ridiculously gappy at the top (and surprisingly a little too small at my waist–that pretty much never happens). So then I tried taking it in at the top, and letting it out a little at the waist. The waist was fine, but now the top pretty much doesn’t cover enough of anything I want it to cover. Of course, it wasn’t until about halfway through this adjusting process that I remembered that Tasia has a post about making an FBA for this particular pattern. Oops. So I’ll be starting over with that in a proper fashion once I get some time to do so–probably not today, but maybe tomorrow. I’ve also gotten the boning, and I decided that I’ll make the rest of the support (hopefully) easier for myself….to be explained in a future post. So, over a third of the way through the month and I have zero visible progress for the Summer Spark Sewalong….can I finish this in time? Stay tuned….

So since I didn’t have the time to go through that process at the moment, I worked on the jeans muslin some more. And I think I’ve actually got that pretty close! I still need to test it with a waistband, and perhaps let out a teensy bit more in the thigh area, but I’ve just about got it to the point where it’s not too tight-looking in the back, there isn’t a whole lot of wrinkling in the front like the last attempt and I can pretty much sit down in it without feeling like my circulation is being cut off. (I probably should let that extra bit out, just to be safe, since I’m making this is a non-stretch denim.) So then the next complication is figuring out how to transfer the multitude of changes back to the pattern, seeing as how the only pattern tracing paper I can get around here is crap that won’t even mark on other paper. That, and seeing if I can still add pockets if I straighten out the side seams like Mr. King says to do. Because wow, if I drew this line right, the wedge that I have to take out of the front is HUGE.

(Incidentally, has anyone reading this ever purchased from Sil Thread? I found this, after reading the recommendations in the question section of the Jean-ius class, but there’s no descriptions on anything so I’m not entirely sure this is the right stuff. A shame, because this is waaaaaay cheaper than the other site he recommended. Plus I’m not sure if I could find enough useful stuff on the other site to make the $35 minimum order…)

I can show one thing, at least. This is how far I’ve gotten on the Strafford Tee. It doesn’t look like much other than a block of purple, but you see that little twisty bit towards the right? My self-figured “darts” are working out much more nicely on take 2. I’ve actually started increasing again, sooner than I’d done the math for, because this is about 6-7″ long now and according to the pattern I only need to do 10″ before I have to start actually following the instructions again. But I figured that I’ll just get it back to the right number of stitches and take it from there–I don’t mind if it’s a little longer than what it calls for.


3 thoughts on “Muslins, muslins everywhere…

  1. I shop at SIL Thread from time to time (from their NYC storefront), but I'm not familiar with that particular tracing paper. They have lots of supplies that the fashion students purchase– it's a pretty legit store.


  2. @gingermakes Thanks for the info! I'll have to give it a shot…it can't possibly be worse than the Dritz stuff, right? And I guess I can always see if there's other useful items that I just can't get at Joann's.


  3. Even though you don't have any visible progress to show, I'm quite amazed at how much you got done. Just think of how nicely the Lonsdale and those jeans will fit now! And that purple is lovely. How cool that you can also knit darts…

    Don't remind me that the month is almost half over already. I have made nil sewing progress on my sparkly summer sewing. Ah well, hopefully this weekend…


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