MMM’12: The final days

Day 27:
Dress: the “Dahlia” dress
Barely-visible jewelry: a very simple chain-and-white-shell-bead set
Shoes: My other pair of silver shoes, leftover from my last couple of times being a bridesmaid. (I forgot to check the brand, but I do remember that the style name was “Hot Date”!)

Wore this to church in the morning. I still need to sew a hook and eye onto the back of this thing…

Day 28:
Tank: The “Indian Summer” recon (premiere wearing, since it’s finally warm enough!)
Shorts: Thrifted
Necklace/earrings: me-made silver and turquoise
Sandals that you can’t see: Birkenstock

This was from my boyfriend’s backyard– we had a little cookout at his parents’ house after I got off work (yes, I still had to work on Memorial Day!), then we hung out at his place and watched a movie.

Day 29:
Dress: The “Sea Flowers” dress
Camisole: Jockey
Bracelet: Kohl’s
Earrings: me-made, repeat from day 1
Sandals: the Birkenstocks again

Day 30 
Top: The “Odyssey” tank (yeah, that’s right, my Me-Made month knitting debut!)
Skirt: The “Sunflower” skirt
Jewelry: Me-made, from my last bridesmaid gig (though you can really only see it on the bride in the pics)
Sandals: Array

I’m feeling a little silly here…. I guess I was giddy at actually getting to play with some fabric, even if cutting out is generally my least favorite part! (Hint: This is not the jeans. I’m still working on that test muslin, but I have a little side thing going now too. You’ll see…later.)

And finally…

Day 31
Top: “Time for Tea(L)”
Capris: a hand-me-down from a friend
Sandals: Softspots

 Well, my photographer for the day decided that I needed a closeup view of the jewelry. And my freshly henna’d hair, I suppose. (I think he just wanted an excuse to take pictures of me….he does rather enjoy that.)

This was a bit new for me, actually…the embroidery is metallic gold, so I’ve always gone more tan and gold with this before. So this was partially me experimenting with cooler colors (since you can barely see the gold tone anyway), and partially me being too lazy to change out of the capris that I wore to the retail job today.

So, that’s it….I made it through the whole month, wore something me-made every day, and only slacked off on the photos once!


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