The Penultimate MMM Picture Post: Days 22-26

MMM'12, Day 22Day 22:

Blouse: The Pendrell Blouse
Pants:  Apt. 9
Belt: Modcloth
Jewelry: Repeat from day 6
Shoes: Softspots
Thoughts on this outfit: I honestly haven’t worn my Pendrell much. And after today, I decided that this particular one isn’t a keeper. I haven’t worn it very often, since I generally don’t do the blouse-tucked-into-skirt look, and the combination of basically sleeveless and polyester fabric means that there’s only a particular temperature/humidity range that this would be comfortable in. So as a result, this was basically the second time I wore it. And I discovered that the armholes are too small, and the blouse cuts into my armpits rather painfully after a few hours as a result. I changed into a t-shirt as soon as I got home from teaching. (And then changed into a different, looser t-shirt 5 minutes later because the t-shirt was too fitted and were only hurting more.) This isn’t usually a problem for me, because my arms are pretty skinny in proportion to the rest of me, so I’m blaming my attempt at making an FBA rather than Tasia’s pattern-drafting skills. But between this and the total fail that I had with this pattern back in January, I’m wondering if I should give this pattern one more shot, with a proper test-fitting muslin and everything, or just admit defeat and lay it to rest? Thoughts?
MMM'12, Day 23Day 23

Dress: The “Green and Grey” dress
Necklace & Earrings: Me-made out of some shell spikes and labradorite beads that I got at a craft fair years ago
Bag: Mom-made!
Shoes: same as yesterday
Thoughts on this outfit: I love this dress. Despite the poly fabric, it’s really comfortable to throw on and go. (In this case, for a last-minute date with my boyfriend to get some ice cream at Coldstone before doing some teaching and jeans-muslin sewing.) I really would like to make this pattern again, perhaps a longer-sleeved version for the fall. And I actually do have a couple of potential knits in my stash that might work. So if I can actually find time to start getting some projects done, you may see this pattern revisited later this year….
MMM'12, Day 24Day 24:
Top: Thrifted, the brand is called “Dialogue”
Skirt: I think this one pre-dates the blog, because I can’t find it on my sidebar. It’s basically just a big piece of subtly ombre-dyed, embroidered cotton that I sewed into a tube and put an elastic waistband on. Super-easy!
Jewelry: The “Water” set from the Elements series
Sandals: the silver gladiator J.Renees
Thoughts: It’s suddenly gotten hot and humid around here–I guess typical mid-Atlantic summer decided to show up just in time for Memorial Day weekend! So this was a really comfortable outfit to wear. And I do love me a good maxi-skirt for bumming around the house on a hot day–to me, it’s way more comfortable than shorts!

MMM'12, Day 25Day 25:
Dress: H&M via the thrift store
Underdress: The “super easy slipdress” reconstruction
Choker: a multi-strand beaded one that I made years ago, back in college or something.
Earrings: Repeat from day 11
Shoes: Those same Naturalizers that I’ve worn for half the month
Thoughts on this outfit: A bit of a cheat, since really all you can see of the me-made sewing is the pre-made tank top that I used as the top for this. At least in the picture. That underdress sure came in handy for actual wearing purposes, because the front of the wrap dress did NOT want to stay closed as I was walking around! But this was, again, a really comfortable outfit for wearing while walking around outside, and the sleeves made it a little more comfortable for the air conditioning inside Applebees and the movie theater. (The boyfriend and I went to see The Avengers tonight. Technically my pick, not his, since he doesn’t generally care for comic book action movies and I do enjoy those. But we both loved it!)

Day 26: No pictures today. I had an open-to-close, nearly 11-hour shift at work for a Memorial Day weekend sale, and by the time I got home and got a shower, it was about 7pm. So between having wet hair and the brainpower of a highly functional zombie, I decided to make it simpler for myself and skip the photos. They would NOT have looked good. For those couple of hours that I was up after work, I wore this tank top that I’d rebeaded a couple of summers ago. And I did wear some shorts to bed that I’d cut down from purchased pj pants. So I’m counting that.

2 thoughts on “The Penultimate MMM Picture Post: Days 22-26

  1. I really love all your outfits in this post! I think the Pendrell looks beautiful on you and doesn't need to be tucked in. Maybe try it in a different fabric that breathes better and try a different FBA method?


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